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Curse of being an enginerd:

I guess I should've studied outdoors in the natural sunlight.

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For the younger readers out there, here is's version of the High-Paying College Majors to Study (that seems to have popped up a lot):

1. Engineering
2. Computer Science
3. Physics
4. Applied Mathematics and General Mathematics
5. Economics
6. Management Information Systems
7. Finance
8. Government & Political Science
9. Construction Management, Supply-Chain Management
10. Biochemistry

It should be noted that internships are a plus to have when competing for a job.

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I see sunlight, and no rain! A sight to behold.

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Mike McKinley writes "How Can I Know That I'm Not a Christian?" on the IX Blog:

(HT: Tim Challies - )

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Cool Interactive Hurricane Tracker:

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Whoa, didn't see this coming. Good to see them learning from their Nexus sales.
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