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Jeffrey Marculescu
The one and only. If you are, in fact, another Jeffrey Marculescu, I'm astonished.
The one and only. If you are, in fact, another Jeffrey Marculescu, I'm astonished.

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Saddest hostage ever. "Militants Free American No One Knew Was Missing" Unbelievably NOT from the Onion.
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In your head, when you think of a zombie, you know lurching, grasping, eating brains, etc. That's Bill Hinzman, whether you knew it or not, he did it first. The seminal, proto-zombie. I have faith that he'll be back.
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Top 5 things I’d like to see on Downton Abbey this season:

This was written prior to viewing any of Season 2 episodes. For all I know, some of these have happened already.

1) Lord Grantham says to Carson, “Settle this petty servant squabbling amongst yourselves. Fire whoever you have to, I don’t care. I have more important things to worry about than who said what to whom, or which footman is squabbling with who, who’s a drunk or a thief, or who took what. I have to find a way to pay for new plumbing in the south wing. I want some peace, goddammit. Shut up about it.”

2) Lady Grantham starts drinking a lot of sherry, laughing hysterically at everyone, and referring to the rest of the cast as “fucking limeys.”

3) Lady Edith leads a Turkish Special Forces unit on a surgical strike mission into Downton to assassinate Lady Mary in retribution for the death of Mr. Pamuk. Lady Edith becomes a Mata-Hari style spy of international infamy, working both sides during World War I.

4) Anna and Mr. Bates finally become unchaste, and are forced to resort to groping in the gardens because they aren’t allowed anywhere near each others quarters.

5) The Dowager Countess starts a secret society of old rich women who fund a proto-MI-5 secret service organization to preserve the prestige and power of the nobility and landed elites, and protect the nation from socialists, suffragettes, and ladies who wear pants. She recruits Edith to run it, who eventually changes her name to “M.”
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I saw a friend I hadn't seen in 23 years recently. Hadn't talked, e-mailed. Nothing. Everything was totally different, obviously. We had wives, family, life changes, mistakes, victories, defeats, careers. It was really weird. When we were friends, we were young. Now we're middle-aged. The great part was that somehow, I could look at him, see everything that I liked about him when I was young, and still see the same qualities in him today. I hope that was true for him too.

Seeing him, I felt different than I normally do. I felt younger, less burdened by the events of my life. Even if it was just for the afternoon I saw him, I felt almost as fresh as it might have been to see me, with the events of 23 years condensed and simplified into the briefest of outlines. It makes a nice narrative, when you lay it out in ten minutes. There's less fatigue and exhaustion. The errors aren't as serious. Time passing can be kind, you can forget some of the bad times, the ways you might have caused them.

It was a good day. Our children played together. We talked all afternoon. I don't know when I'll see him again, he lives on another continent. It killed me a little to say goodbye.

I want to reach back in time and tell my younger self, "Hold on to people. The real friends you make, the good ones...they're rare, and can slip away." When you're young, you think it's easy. You get old, and you "wise up", close down and wall off. To all the really good friends I had, all through my childhood and up, I miss us, and the good times we had. The bad times that happened, I wish them different now, but the good times were really good. Thanks for those. Hope you're all doing well, wherever you are.
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