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Conservation of angular momentum makes the world go round.
Conservation of angular momentum makes the world go round.

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Some colleagues of mine in radio astronomy could use your help. Below is the message they've asked to be sent around to introduce their kickstarter campaign:

Dear Friends and Colleagues

We are seeking your support in a crowd funding campaign to save the Mopra radio telescope from closure.  Mopra is a front line research facility.  It is making new map of our Galaxy.  A map that reveals the clouds of interstellar molecules that lie along southern Milky Way, the sites where new stars are being born.

But Mopra is due to be closed at the end of this year, the result of budget cuts.  Team Mopra are mounting a campaign to save the telescope, to keep alive its research program, to support a community of scientists and to train up the next generation of students.  

We need your help to do so.  We have launched a Kickstarter Crowd Funding program to save the telescope.  If you would like to help us please go to for more details.

You may also like to follow Team Mopra through our blog at, on Facebook at TeamMopra or on Twitter at @TeamMopra.

Thank-you very much.

Team Mopra 

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Cultural gender segregation drives sexism. Gendering of toys introduces stereotypes that are difficult to undo later. 
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