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Naomi Denoncourt

Need some help, here!  - 
Here's the thing, a while ago I started knitting squares to make a patchwork "sample" blanket.
The thing is, I made borders on the squares (moss stitch border)... after 3 squares I realised such blankets usually don't have borders on their squares... (and I do think it looks pretty with no borders, but I haven't seen any with borders on their squares...)
So I'm wondering, should I continue making borders to my squares just to make it consistent? Or maybe just knit one more with borders and put them in the corners of the blanket...? Or should I just discard those 3 squares and start over...?
What would you do?
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Can you post a picture, pretty please? I can't visualize...and I'm also nosy about other people's projects. :) But they found lovely so I'm tempted to say just keep doing them with the border. Or, as someone else suggested, do those type of squares just for the outside row? :)
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Naomi Denoncourt

Need some help, here!  - 
Need help for in-the-round colorwork.
I'm planning to knit socks in-the-round, and want to add a small motif like a flower on each side of the sock.
The thing is, I don't want to have a thousand ends to weave in afterwards... so I don't want to cut and leave a tail after each row...
I was thinking of maybe leaving a long tail when adding the yarn, and then on every odd row picking this long tail to knit with, but then again it will leave me with a lot of ends (but still half).

Or maybe I could cut a very very long piece of yarn (my flower isn't that big) and after each row use a tapestry needle to weave it behind the stitches back where I'll need it on the next row...

I google'd around and found out about in-the-round intarsia...
There seems to be 2 techniques: one involving a yarn over and k2tog (or p2tog) after every end of row, and the other would be wrap and turn (and I suppose you pick up the wrap and knit with the stitch after every row).
They both should leave a seam... but I'm wondering which one would show the least.

Anyone tried this? Or anyone has other advices...? (other than knit flat, please, I don't want to knit socks flat...)
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There's a thing I didn't quite get about intarsia... are you supposed to wrap and turn (or  yarn over and turn, whatever method is chosen) at every color change? (or only every round)
I read using this method you're not supposed to "carry" the contrast color behind at all... maybe I misinterpreted (English is not my primary language).
I'm thinking the seam-like effect would indeed be less obvious if I turn at every color change, but it would be much more of a pain...

And yes, I was also thinking about the duplicate stitch method (what I meant when I said "embroider")... but I never tried it, and I'm concerned the yarn could move a bit when being washed and the color behind would show... does this happen?
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Just planned the color changes for my #JulyCal :)
I'm planning something special with the colors... I just hope I can finish this in time.
Btw, for those who might have trouble figuring out what it's going to look like after folding, here's a tip:
Cut a 1:3 rectangle from a piece of paper, color it however you want to crochet your bag, and then fold it like the pattern says.
Unfold and you have the color pattern for your bag!
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I blogged about that same idea last week or the week before. It is such a versatile pattern!
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Naomi Denoncourt

Need some help, here!  - 
I have 10 balls of KP Swish DK in Sugar Plum color and I need to figure out what to knit with it. (that's 1230 yards)
I was thinking of something for my 2½ yo daughter (mostly because the color is a bit too girly for my style).
I'm thinking maybe a baby blanket or 2 sweaters... any ideas? (I also have 1 ball of a darker purple I could use to get some contrast).
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The first dress is actually a good idea... but knitting it in wool makes no sense to me (wool = warmth, and this is a sleeveless summer dress).
I might knit this in cotton (the one that's on its way here, that I wanted to knit a sweater with) and knit the sweater with my swish DK instead. I'll still have like 5 balls left, but I guess I'll figure out something else later.
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Naomi Denoncourt

Shared publicly  - 
Geeks are Sexy originally shared:
Just one hour after starting the page, we're already at 358 followers. Hope that tomorrow morning, when I get up, the page will be at 1000+ :)

(If you're feeling super nice tonight, you could always help us by sharing the page on your profiles ;))

Good night Friends!

Oh, and here's a pic of my son back in January when he was just 3 weeks old.
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