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Sansuko Ville Bungalow Blog
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Well spoken.....
I belong to several websites about Thailand and several things about other tourists comments get my goat.
1. If you book into a budget hotel or B&B do not expect five star service, you get what you paid for.
2. Yes you do have to stand for the Thai national anthem, Thais love there king and show deep respect for him.
3. You will find two tier pricing in Thailand at many attractions and museums etc. You earn in a month what a Thai earns in a year so do not be a tight arse.
4. If you book a hotel room situated over a disco do not complain about the noise. You should have done some research.
5. No many Thais do not speak english, do you speak Thai?
6. If you booked your family into a hotel in the middle of the red light district then instead of complaining maybe you should explain to your family that you are an idiot who cannot do basic research.
7. Yes McDonalds are bloody expensive. Why come to a foreign country to eat what you eat at home.
8. Finally research people, if you want a family holiday in Thailand there are some amazing places to stay and to see. Just learn how to use google and you should be fine or better yet ask me and I will do the research for you.
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