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Laura O in AK
Owner of Day by Day in Our World & Life Beyond Kids
Owner of Day by Day in Our World & Life Beyond Kids

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Yum! All the goodness of a bacon cheeseburger without the bun.

#LowCarbEating #LowCarb

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I reviewed this book several years ago. With my youngest turning 8 and the teens starting to be more dependant upon technology, I am planning to re-read it for some much needed parenting inspiration.

#parenting #Christian #MomofBoys #Teens

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Sharing my results from the 5 Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale.

#superjuiceme #juicingchallenge

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This one went live on Life Beyond Kids over the long weekend.

When the warmer weather arrives, I love to eat more salads. This one is packed full of good nutrition.

#salad #recipe #lowcarb

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On the weekends, I like to cook large amounts of food to use throughout the week. I've been known to bake 2 or more chickens at one time.

Here's one of the ways my boys like to eat leftover chicken:

Chicken and Rice Casserole with a Mexican flair.

#recipe #UseYourLeftovers #ZeroWaste 

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We all need ways to challenge our thinking skills. Puzzles like the Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 help to hone spatial skills in a fun way.

Full review of this game will be on the website on 4/24/17.

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This would be a fun way to use those palms from Palm Sunday!

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Looking for films to use in American History for your homeschool???

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Who said great looking hair needed to be hard to get?

#BlackHairspray lets you pick the style you want via wigs or hair clips.

#Beauty #Ad

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Such a great selection of products for babies that also support small businesses.
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