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Texas industrial specialties is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of hydro static test pumps. The hydro static test pump is the original and ultimate pneumatic hydro static test pump. Our hydro static test pump is made of all stainless steel fittings and assembled at our facility in deer park, Texas USA. hydro static test pumps are a staple in the petrochemical, pipe welding and testing industries. At Texas industrial specialties we sell and rent hydro static test pumps in multiple configurations. The original hydro static test pump is constructed on a 2 wheel dolly for easy maneuvering around any plant, pipeline, or fab shop.

Each day can only make me stronger
Make me stronger

There's a light
Up ahead
I know I'll get there

All the walls
Come down
In the end
Nothing ever lasts forever
Oh, no

Leave me now, why the hell you gotta be a heartbreaker

Tell me now, why the hell you gotta be a heart
Breaker, breaker

You're a heartbreaker, breaker

She'll never be the one to bear the scars of what you've done

She'll never be the one who's gonna find themselves alone, no

There's a space, in between, a denial
Knowing that I can't erase it,
Can't face it, no
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