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Really excellent piece by +Alexis Madrigal about the implied "API" of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It may be too geeky for the mainstream, but for anyone who is at all tech-savvy, it's smart and insightful, pulling key principles into an easily understood framework.

Alexis starts out:

"The most fascinating thing about Occupy Wall Street is the way that the protests have spread from Zuccotti Park to real and virtual spaces across the globe. Metastatic, the protests have an organizational coherence that's surprising for a movement with few actual leaders and almost no official institutions. Much of that can be traced to how Occupy Wall Street has functioned in catalyzing other protests. Local organizers can choose from the menu of options modeled in Zuccotti, and adapt them for local use. Occupy Wall Street was designed to be mined and recombined, not simply copied.

"This idea crystallized for me yesterday when Jonathan Glick, a long-time digital journalist, tweeted, "I think #OWS was working better as an API than a destination site anyway." If you get the idea, go ahead and skip ahead to the documentation below. If you don't get, let me explain why it might be the most useful way of thinking about #Occupy."

A thoughtful take, worth spreading.

2011 Northern California Adventure Decathlon: 10 events, 10 days, 13 unique participants (many did two or more events), 0 serious injuries.

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2011 NorCal Adventure Decathlon - Final Weekend!

Closing out with some guaranteed endorphin inducers:

7 - Fri 9/2 - Go-Kart Racing - Burlingame, 8pm
8 - Sat 9/3 - Kayaking - Larkspur, 1pm
9 - Sun 9/4- Indoor Skydiving - Union City, arrive at 3pm
10 - Mon 9/5 - Culinary Adventures - Berkeley, 1pm

For full event details, visit this site:
(then click the name of any event for more info.)

For updates, follow:

Any questions, just leave a comment here...

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On the origins of religion in the human mind: #evolutionarypsychology #wantagodhelmetnow

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So, I'm organizing a thing, again. This thing is designed to give casual athletes and endorphin-junkies a chance to try (or brush up on) a few different activities with a modestly-sized group of friends and like-minded peeps. Here's the basic details:

2nd Bi-Annual 2011 NorCal Adventure Decathlon:
10 days, 10 events,
Sat Aug 27 - Mon Sep 5.

Please scan this year's proposed events, reply & re-share! norcalad2011

And for low-traffic updates, follow:
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