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"Dafuq is this shit?" is exactly my reaction. You have to watch the entire video. Pay careful attention to the young man in the background. Some memorable quotes by insane woman, Jane Svoboda, on gay rant:

1. P-E-N-I-S goes into the anus to rupture intestines.

(She spells out penis but apparently has no problem saying the word anus.)

2. Gays are the bioethic genociders in hospitals.

3. Lesbians and gays rarely live past 40 years old because it is common for a partner to do away with them or they self-inflict. Don't go gay, it's not healthy.

4. A high percentage of gay men on school grounds molest boys, partly because they don't have AIDS yet. Don't allow hundreds of molestations a year with this equality ordinance.

5. Going lesbian is not normal. A college woman is seduced with illegal rohypnol to go gay, otherwise they think it's abhorrent.

And it goes on...!
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I liked her "and this is deranged thinking" comment about wives being enslaved by their husbands. She could easily pull off a Charlie Brown voice-over.
Here's my theory (actually I have 2 theories....Theory #1: She is bat##it crazy).....She probably had a crush on a lady at some point in her life and was rejected (which made her go batsh## crazy).
+Barry Stewart haha! There were so many delightfully insane quotes, I couldn't list them all but I remember that, too.

+Tim Malik Possibly both, although I'm leaning to your first theory that she is just plain batshit crazy. Even the elderly woman sitting next to the young guy in the front is like WTH toward the end.
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