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News and How to Block an Attack
We’ve been plugging away on bestiaries behind the scenes,
but major developments in Real Life (TM) (e.g. 3 months building work on Slev's house) has put us behind schedule. In the meantime, I’ve been asked about how “block” works. There’s
two sides to this,...

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Casting the Scroll of Updating
Today we uploaded the play-test version of another classic Quest: The Eyes of Chaos. Over the last month we've had a few updates. There's very little changed in the actual rules, but this should make things clearer. The changes: The Rules Page 12: Movement ...

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The Winds of Magic
Today I’m going to talk about Mystic Powers; that is, Spells
and Prayers. A few people have asked about this. Mechanically, Spells work almost identically to the original
game. With a few minor caveats and clean-ups for edge cases, we then added
Abilities t...

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What's in the Treasure Chest?
The most popular question whenever I update the files is “What
did you update?” To be honest, a lot of the time I’m updating wording,
spelling, and other errors, rather than changing anything as-such. A good
example being in the Treasure Appendix, in which ...

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