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Hey All! Has anyone played with Fate Freeport? I feel like doing some Pathfinder adventure paths using Fate. Fate Freeport seems pretty great, but I don't like keeping the D&D 6 attributes, so I'm fiddling with splicing it a more standard Fate Core skill list.

My question is specifically about the magic system - How did the costs system work out? How did spellcasters feel? I'm curious about how giving them a choice between 1 Mental Stress, generating then spending an invoke, or spending a Fate Point plays out...

Also, how did it feel with the base spellcasting stunts (War Wizard, Battle Priest, etc) granting them access to 1 or 2 categories of magic, and then 2 or 3 spells? 

For Dresden Files Accelerated - Summoning Rituals

The Rituals chapter generally makes sense (calculating cost in terms of stunts & conditions), except when it comes to Summoning. If you are simply estimating costs based on your desired outcome, then I would know what to do, and maybe that's the right way to handle it, but in DFRPG, the act of summoning and then negotiating with the summoned entity were separate actions.

Any thoughts on this? 

My Skype has been hacked. If I call you in the next bit, it's not me, do not engage, do not give him any information. 

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This is a great resource for Nights Black Agents, or any other modern-based spy/military game!

Question about Mobs and Creating Advantages - If a PC is facing a group of mobs, and they attempt to Create Advantage on them, does it affect the whole group of mobs, or just an individual?

Example - Gork the Barbarian is facing a mob of 3 cultists. He tries to use Provoke to Create the Advantage "Intimidated". Does it affect them all equally, so that when he cuts one down next turn, the aspect is still in place on the remaining two? Should they get their Teamwork bonus to defend against something like that, even though defense rolls against Attacks don't?

Just curious what your thoughts are?

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Hey Fate friends! I'm recruiting for 2 more players for my Dystopian Super Heroes PbP game over on Mythweavers. We are using the Venture City rules, and it's been a ton of fun so far!

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Hey Fate Crew!

I've been running a PbP Super Heroes game using the new Venture City rules, and it's been going really well. We just finished the first chapter, and I thought I'd share it here for people's enjoyment. There's some pretty good use of the rules, if I do say so myself! Feedback and discussion welcome.

So we saw Suicide Squad this weekend. Here's my 2 cents:

First of all - I really enjoyed it! It's a very fun movie, and it's a very well-filmed movie. That being said, I can't say it's a GOOD movie. The plot is super thin, akin to a bad D&D adventure hook, and there are a few characters that just make you scratch your head. That being said, it was a heck of a good time, and totally worth seeing.

There's a lot of talk about Harley Quinn that I think is good discussion to have. I think her evolution in geek culture is pretty much emblematic of everything that is wrong with women in comics. That being said, Harley and Joker stole the show, and I'll totally go see the inevitable movie that puts them in the spotlight.

I'd also be interested in more stuff involving Deadshot and El Diablo. I could care less about the rest of the crew. Especially Captain Boomerang. I'm not even sure why he was in the movie...

Sorry DC, but Marvel is kicking your trash in the movie department, and this movie didn't change that. 

Hey guys, I might be running a 5E one-shot next Friday night for a group of players all new to 5E, and most of them new to RPG's period. Any suggestions of a good short adventure to run that comes with pregens that I can either buy in PDF form, or online for easy delivery to the UK?

Fate Peeps - If a PC is trying to Create Advantage on an NPC with Empathy to get a sense of their motivations. My question is - What would you resist this with? Will? The NPC knows the PC is trying to get under their skin, so they are inclined to be suspicious.

(FYI, this is standard Fate Core skills)
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