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Perl: loop control with optional label arguments to specify exact loop structure, filling me with confidence that I'll have flexibility and power without brittle code.

PHP: loop control with optional level-of-nesting arguments, filling me with certainty that the code will break if I breathe on it more than 5 minutes after I write it.

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I'm thinking of kickstarting a child's guide to complex issues using only Reverend Horton Heat songs as the reference material.  It's all there - how to handle mixing business and personal relationships (400 Bucks), US drug policy (Bales of Cocaine), the importance of friendship (You've Got a Friend In Jimbo), body acceptance and alternative life styles (Big Little Baby, Big Dwarf Rodeo).  Can't miss!

My favorite though is the Rev's nuanced, subtle take on the complicated issue of divorce, Galaxie 500.

Let's do this thing.  For the kids!

Reverend Horton Heat - Galaxie 500

I enjoy sharing my pop-cultural context with my kids but it turns out "Good night.  Good Work.  Sleep well.  I'll most likely kill you in the morning." can be hard to explain to a sleepy 4 year old.

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Did you know they sell model rockets at hobby lobby?
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Last night my daughter and I were talking at bedtime.  Somehow we started talking about having the light turned on vs. turned off during a bedtime story, and she said words to the effect of "with a paper-back book you have to have the light turned on, but with a phone-back book you can have it either way."  I feel both completely charmed and also very old.

Amused to no end at this Oxford comma separating romantic comedy and excommunication.,_Book_and_Candle,_book,_and_candle

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Nice to know +SPEED Channel's keeping up with the series they cover.  Apparently MotoGP features 800cc bikes designed by top engineers from manufacturers like Suzuki.  Oh, and grab a copy the the official 2011 live timing app while you're there.

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My wife wanted to make a sugar cream pie this weekend and tried to find a recipe in her cookbooks.  None of her cookbooks, including two which only contain pies, had a recipe for it.  That seemed odd for what we thought was such a popular pie.  She looked it up on wikipedia, and the article is strangely Indiana-centric.

Non-hoosiers, have you had sugar cream pie before?  If not, would you know what to expect if someone served it to you (not that the name is a un-pierce-able veil of mystery or anything)?  I tend to be skeptical when someone tells me something is hyper-local to me, but the last two hoosier-specific speech patterns I've looked at turned out to be true.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is just the worst James Bond movie ever.

I know I'm on the path to fame and glory when the first result of my google search starts with "There was a big dust-up between Debian and libtool back in 1999..."  On the plus side it did actually contain the answer.
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