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Interview about Public Relations on national radio in Australia

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Link to radio interview on PR
Here’s the link to my contribution on (Australian) ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights
with Rod Quinn’ broadcast on 6th May: It was a discussion of public relations, followed by listener questions....

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Free access to latest Public Relations Review article

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Latest PR history research focuses on post-WWII dictatorships
Our latest public relations history research article is now available free on Public Relations Review for 50 days. Co-written with Natalia Rodríguez-Salcedo of Universidad di Navarra, Pamplona, it focuses on the evolution of public relations in European dic...

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Fake news in the 15th century
Trump’s problems with ‘fake news’ aren’t new. In February 1472, Edward IV of
England issued a statement that “many vagabonds, and ungodly and ill-disposed
persons … run through the same our land sowing seeds of discord and division in
making and tell...

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Orphan migrants in 1960s Australia
I was born and raised in Australia, going to school from
1956 to 1969 which was a prime period of immigration from western Europe. It’s
only recently that it has dawned on me that some youngsters at school with me
were of the supposed orphan generation, now...

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Free expression punished in Turkey
We take freedom of expression on political matters to be a
right. There must be a tempering of this to avoid extremes but it’s generally
accepted in liberal democracies. The signing of a petition to criticise
government(s) is part of that free expression. H...
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