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The message here is "Interracial killings must stop!" If anyone should have to kill Trayvon for being in the wrong place wearing the wrong thing, let that person be black. Zimmerman should stick to killing his own. Blacks should stick to killing their own. Right?


Over the weekend I asked myself: Why are blacks so hot for Zimmerman. Then it hit me.

You can kick Zimmerman's ass.

Zimmerman is not Crips, he's not bloods, he's not MS13 either. He's a member of the HOA.. Yeah we can take on the HOA..

Go ahead threaten to publish the addresses of gangland killers of black boys.

I dare you.

Merry Christmas.. There is a reason for the season, even though the left really wont understand or acknowledge what that might be.

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Dear Lamar Odom:

Welcome to Dallas. I was a fan even when you were in LA. I want to welcome you and your wife here. Now, the Cowboys are doing better. The Stars are doing ok, The Rangers made it to the World Series.. Sports on the whole in Dallas is pretty decent right now. And I look forward to your contribution to that with the World Champion Dallas Mavericks.

I ask however, that your inlaws stay where they are... K? I'm begging you.

So, Ebay has no been shut down by Touchpad buyers. Its been brought down.

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AS IF Android was enough. Seems like Apple is being spied on too, by people other than Apple...

"Text more in sex" said one of my daughters to me this morning.
TIP: Keep Dad out of jail by proofreading your iPhone voice recognition...
Thanks! Muah!

I hate being too sick to do anything big, but not sick enough to just sit at home and do nothing...

Its nice to get a call from your mother in law and have it not be something bad. Love my mother in law...

Seriously, I am not your CThOe... Well, then again.. (rolls eyes)
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