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Bhutan Ura Yakchoe 18th to 22nd April, 2016...

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Bhutan Ura Yakchoe Festival. 18th to 22nd April, 2016...

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The story of URA YAKCHOE
Once upon a time there was an old lady who lived in the most
beautiful valley, but in the lost part of the world. A Buddhist Lama (Monk),
who was passing across, not seeing a single human being in his journey stopped
by requesting for some drinking water. T...

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Your next visit...

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Sandakphu, Nepal
10 Jan, 2016, Kolkata: “Chalo
ILAM” is the title of the meet today to establish a strong cross-border
tourism relation between ILAM, Nepal and West Bengal, India, being hosted by
the Nicco Park at Kolkata. A very interesting fact was brought forward by

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Indo-Burma/Myanmar relations
It is any day; the new Government will take over the reins, a
change which Myanmar will be witnessing after 25 years. It is time when the
enlightened Buddhist Monks will have to help the Government in building a just
and empowered society, not divided by cl...

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Aye mere watan ke logo... The Heritage of Nationalism
khun se lath path kaaya, phir bhee banduk uthaake  Das das ko ek ne maara, phir gir gaye hosh
ganvaake  Jab ant samay aaya toh - 2, kah gaye ke abb
marate hain  Khush rahana desh ke pyaaro - 2, (abb ham toh
safar karate hain) - 2  Kya log the woh diwaan...

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Explore Sikkim: Namthang Villages & Namchi Connections
I often do not understand that when I fall in love with a
place, she has something to do with the sun. Last time the place was Namthang
in East Sikkim. Nam means sun and thang means place or habitat. This is a
new road which ascends from Melli Bazaar, immed...

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A poster from Snehargo and copyright with Association for Conservation & Tourism (ACT) Tshering Dukpa was the last dak runner between the Buxa Duar
Post Office and Buxa Road Station, next to today’s 28 th Mile village.
The railway connectivity, which starte...
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