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How do I remove weather that is on home screen?

How do I make my pixel flash flash for incoming call? Thanks for any help.

When I first start my 2005 Honda Accord four-cylinder the air conditioner is not cold it is blowing hot what do I need to do after I drove 2 miles it cools off

Marcel Ginkel is there a way to have it when I want to send message to go to voice auto instead of the keyboard?

Is there a way to make voice use before typing

How to set notification that will be different from my messages?

I signed up earlier today for premium. How do I know if I have it? I logged out and back in, but don't look like it has changed any.

Is there away to delete all old messages without clicking on each one? Sure hope so.

Cannot figure out how to deploy. When I hit home. It goes to map. No deploy button shows up. Hope someone can help.

I have a retevis rt-5r and would like to know how to bring up the name of frequency i have given each frequency instead of displaying the frequency. I cannot understand the manual. Don't see where it tells me. Hope someone can help me
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