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anybody out there who deals with publishing magazines etc, whats your opinion on our first edition? all constructive criticism welcome :)
First edition of Your Pembrokeshire - aimed at the people of Pembrokeshire, by the people of Pembrokeshire. News, Views, Articles from around the county.
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Honestly? I think you need some real help with the graphics and layout. There are lots of things to improve on that front. (I work with publications)
Oh, and an advertising block on the front of a beautiful photograph is quite bad. Leave the cover be.
Hey Mischa, dont apologise, im looking for honest feedback :) Unfortunately the advert on the front is a necessary evil. What suggestions would you advise with regards the graphics and layout?
Make it less busy, don't but borders around your photographs, tilt them etc. use text transparently over images (so adjust colour to be legible) remember people are reading this first and foremost. Have a flow of colour (don't change each page) through the issue. White space is good. Look at Viva Lewes for some really great use of graphics and images for a community publication

I would work on the ad on the front page thing. If you want people to pick it up.
Ok thanks :) all taken inboard for the next issue I will look at that site also?
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