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On Friday night me and my lovely friend Evie had a lil adventure to Edinburgh to go see WALK THE MOON in concert. Previous Music Monday posts may have indicated that I am quite a big fan of theirs, so I was pretty darn excited when I found out they were com...

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Joining the Lush Bandwagon: First Impressions
Hello! Growing up, I've always had very sensitive skin. So many of the products I tried on my skin over the years - products that were supposed to soothe and help my sensitive and spot-prone skin - just broke me out even worse and left me with more spots an...

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Making a University Room Feel Like Home
My bed when I lived in halls in first year Moving to university is a daunting time for all. But that doesn't mean that your room has to reflect that! Creating a room full of homey vibes can really help with the process of living by yourself. And university ...

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Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes
Hello! It was my beautiful mum's birthday at the end of January, so as part of her present I baked her some Ferrero Rocher cupcakes. She always makes the most incredible cakes for everybody else's birthday (see past examples in my Birthday Post from last ye...

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Inside My University Bag
Hello! Today I thought it would be fun to share what I carry in my university bag on a typical day of classes. Personally I love these kind of posts, because it makes me feel like you get a bit more of an insight into somebody's life. I haven't taken anythi...

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My Month in Pictures: January
January was a great month of adventures and family time. I had a lovely month at home over Christmas, but by the end I was itching to get back into the swing of university life again. Now that it's over I thought I'd share some photos of this last month and...

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Music Mondays: February
Hello! Another month into 2016 calls for another playlist! Here's what's filling up my Spotify for February... TOP TEN SONGS Scouting For Girls - Life's Too Short The Feeling - Never Be Lonely Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Imagine Dragons - Polaroid Ella He...

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First Week Back at Uni: A Review
So this week was my first week back at university, after a five week winter break. Needless to say, it was tough getting back into the academic frame of mind! I arrived back last Saturday, a day after my wonderful housemate Evie's 20th birthday. So to surpr...

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How To Make Cushions Out of Old T-Shirts & Jumpers
Hello! For Christmas this year my parents gave me a 'sew your own cushion' kit, so armed with some fabric, needles and thread I set to work on creating the lil owl pictured above. Despite a few initial hiccups ( and countless moments of frustration when I c...

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Getting Organised for a New Semester
Hello! So depending on where you are in the world, you may have already started back at university/college/school for the new year. Personally my classes start again on Monday, so I thought I'd share some tips on how to feel put-together and energised to ge...
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