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Managerial Assessment of Proficiency - MAP2
The #1 Video-Based Competency Assessment
The #1 Video-Based Competency Assessment


Re-filmed and updated in 2014, there is no better assessment of managerial competence available than The Managerial Assessment of Proficiency—MAP2. MAP2 is a video-based, objective assessment of a manager’s proficiency in 12 fundamental competencies and 10 styles/values.

In 11 video episodes, Bill Taylor and his team of four supervisors exhibit a range of 12 key managerial competencies as they simulate what happens during a typical workweek. Participants can see parallels from their own experience base as they evaluate the actions of Taylor and his coworkers.

Upon completion of the assessment participants receive a proficiency profile of mastery in the 12 fundamental managerial competencies and ratings for 10 communication, personal, and managerial styles/values. MAP2 provides individuals and organizations with an objective and detailed listing of those learning opportunities with the greatest potential impact on managerial performance.

Well-grounded in research, over 100,000 managers worldwide have experienced this video-based simulation.

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