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Lon W.
Excellent piece.
Now thats what im talking about !!!!!!!! LOVE it , great song !!!!!! What a voice .....Keep it comming.......
Great song. Beautiful voice. Love the energy.
nice song...nice voice..nice one..chanpion..
Listened with headphones and I think it's amazing, thanks.
I really like your music. hope this does not disapoint you but im 52 yrs young and love your music.
Mary M
Cool tunes, I will add you on Youtube!
You have a fresh voice.. keep it the music and singing is awesome.
Pammy S
this one nice song:)
Very Nice Song. Greets from Germany
I like this Me too Except 17 years is hard to leave pal
Excellent song,I have been into Music for a long time,Enjoy your Music very much!!
If i had a cd of it i would listen to it over and over again
ji fei
hello,happy spring festival
hey hey hey! need any beats? i am an entertainer also. im number one on the local rap charts. r@b, rap, hiphop. search sinnstaalz and hit me back.
Maybe I should have you listen to my companies theme song, it's about empowering people. I need to get the lyrics applied to the right music, Interested? Get in touch.
Good music keep up the good work you sound like a very nice person12:36AM
Good Music, good positive contribution, welcome in my Circles :-)
good music :) a good beat, a good voice ;)
i really like singing to ;)
but i prefer "love vs money" ;) it's really cool
You are gifted with voice, instrumentals, lyrics and the ability to combine them all to produce a sensation.
I like your voice and your song very much which you a great success (sorry for my english)!
wow love the beat nice music keep it up susan
Я слишком стар, чтобы быть тебе другом, но другом твоего творчества я все-таки буду.
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very good ive down loaded it keep up the good work susan
I like your music and your drug free message. Keep up the good work!
gud job bro,keep it up.have u thought doing your music in EAST AFRICA?WE BUY.
Hey iam the ceo of bboyrecordsworld and we like your music please give us a call at 212-962-3121
Heya! You tryed to add me! Please add me! Your sooooo cool! love your music! Please add me! xxx
Please! I love your music and you!!!!!! xxxxxxx
I BEG YOU! ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
gud voice and tnx for adding me...
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Nice tune flow might download it mm........
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