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Tinfoil for Facebook
For those that require a Tinfoil Hat when using Facebook.
For those that require a Tinfoil Hat when using Facebook.

Tinfoil for Facebook's posts

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Link to Play Store:
Source code:

What's new:

- #HOLYOLO - minSDK=14. The older versions are still published for devices that are still between 2.2 and 3.0, but 1.2 and any other update will only be available for Android 4.0+. Really, there aren't that many things to be done for the app to be supported on Android 2.2+, but I don't have a device to test on, I dread the emulator, and I'm lazy. Feel free to do it yourself and send me a pull request. I'll review it and merge it.

- Right navigation drawer menu. No more ActionBar (these will become an option in the near future).     

- Better video playback implementation, ability to do fullscreen video playback.


- Why get rid of the ActionBar? A: More screen real state for your content.    

- Why a right drawer menu? A: Facebook already uses a left drawer menu on their mobile site, having the drawer menu on the left could be a bit confusing. Based on user feedback today, I will try to make this a little bit more customizable in a future update. Maybe add the ability to use the ActionBar instead, or change the menu drawer to the left.    

Future updates:    

- Better photo upload management: Will have the ability to upload from your Gallery as well as uploading multiple pictures at once. I will have to use the Facebook SDK for this so you might have to authenticate (again) through the app for this to work.    

- "Pull" notifications: This will also use the Facebook SDK. The app will be able to check for new notifications every X number of minutes.    

- [NOT CONFIRMED] "Push" notifications: This will also use the Facebook SDK. The app will receive instant push notifications. This will probably cost some money to make up for server costs, one of the reasons why I'm not so sure if I want to implement this yet and get into the whole billing nightmare.

I won't be accepting that many more feature requests anymore, I have already spent more time than I probably should have in this app. Enjoy.

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Some users were very unhappy with the last update and the way the holo theme worked. The concerns were valid, Tinfoil was taking up too much space when it didn't need to. Here's another update that attempts to fix that problem.

Change log.

- Holo Theme: Removed bottom split bar, it was taking up too much space.
- Holo Theme: Added ability to auto-hide and auto-show the action bar. Optional, very experimental.
- Fixed ability to multitask properly.
- Improve performance.
- Exit button renamed to 'Kill'. On android, to exit an application you can simply press the 'Home' or 'Back' button. An exit button in the context menu is not right. The 'Kill' button completely destroys the current session and forces the app to exit.

Play Store:

Source code:

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Just updated to version 1.1:

- Fixed navigation issues after sharing links.
- Added ability to upload pictures through the web interface. On top of your newsfeed, click on 'Photo' and then 'Choose file' and you can use your gallery to upload your picture.
- Ability to jump to the top from the menu.
- Use Holo theme for devices on Honeycomb/ICS.
- Show alert dialog if user is trying to Check-in while the option is disabled.

Picture sharing (from gallery) and push notifications coming soon.

Download in Google Play:

Source code:

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The app has been unsuspended from the Android Market. Version 1.0.3 was uploaded, which includes the new logo. Go update it.

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Here's the apk for version 1.0.3 while the app gets restored in the Android Market (Includes new awesome logo by Rumeye in reddit).

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The problem with with Facebook has been solved (we have a new logo), now I'm just waiting for Google to re-instate the app in the Android Market.
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