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Dylan Grech (Innovative Codes)
Life is just a giant loop. I just like to add randoms to it
Life is just a giant loop. I just like to add randoms to it

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We know about it and you should too
Experiencing errors and warning when logging in our systems? We know about it, unfortunately your browser doesn't.

This is all in an effort to make the systems more secure and robust. Last week we launched a 3 data centre backup system where your data is now stored in the web servers > secondary data centre > third data centre and now we're in the process of moving everything under SSL using the latest and most powerful and system available.

Read all about it here:

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And facebook bites the dust:

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I have recently written a few tips for people looking to start a new business mainly focusing and the Big Do's and Don't also highlighting a few things we do at innovative codes.

Head on to: to read the article.

Also we would love your feedback so feel free to drop a comment.

Post has attachment launched and I have already started writing some articles.

Feel free to check them out and leave your comments :)

Also if you would like to write an article about the web, feel free to contact us and if we like it, will definitely post it on our site. 

#innovativecodes   #launched   #internet  

Post has attachment V1.1 is now live!

We've been working really hard to make this project a pillar of efficiency, security and design for our users.

In this update:
- Connections
- Improved the Notification System
- About Tab
- Improved User Profile Design
- Banners
- Removed one quack per user restriction

Check out this new social utility!

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