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Just put out the first beta update with TV fixes. Tons of issues with browsing folders were fixed, and that part should be pretty solid. Let me know if you run into any issues browsing your files and picking a video.

Next, I'll be working on the player itself. I'm aware that it has plenty of issues so I'm probably going to redo it from the ground up, so no bug reports are necessary for that just yet (on 4.1 beta 1).

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Tablet enhancements
TV fixes

In 4.0.9, I re-added the ability to jump right to a file by selecting a completed transfer. It was a little more complex than I foresaw, so would you guys mind testing this a bit and letting me know if you run into any issues?


To anyone still getting Cast crashes on the latest version (4.0.4): Could you send me a link to the transfer that has one of the files you're trying to Cast? I want to see if some types of files are the culprit of a crash.

I'm getting a bunch of reports that Casting is practically broken in the last update; Really sorry about that, I'm testing it more thoroughly and working out all the issues I can. I redid the Cast functionality with the recently released Cast SDK v3, and I probably should've given it more time in beta. Either way, fixes are coming very soon.

Beta 3 is going up now. Cast improvements and bug fixes. This may be the last before a stable release!

As always, feedback and bug reports appreciated.

Just put out a new beta, which fixes searching and adding transfers, as well as plenty other stuff. Apologies for the delay.

For the next beta:
• Cast improvements
• Transfers screen improvements

Tell me what you'd like to see added/improved/fixed!

Sorry it's taking longer than I hoped to get this next beta out, work's been taking priority. The next update will include a new screen for adding transfers and Cast fixes, among other bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for your patience and bug reports!

The first beta for version 4.0 is in the Play Store. The Files interface has been revamped a bit, and a lot of old, internal stuff has been redone from the ground up. Let me know how it goes for everyone, and report your crashes if you get any!

This is the first part of a bunch of changes and updates that will eventually become version 4. I've learned a lot development-wise through other projects and now I'm bringing it back to the app. All feedback is appreciated.

Things that are not working:
• Search
• Creating folders
• Renaming files from a details screen is buggy

Big update coming soon, hope you like it!
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