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Sherry Antonetti
Catholic Writer, Wife and Mother
Catholic Writer, Wife and Mother

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Over at the National Catholic Register
I have a piece over at the Register addressing how we respond to God's love. Here's a taste of it:  "My children came to me because they felt lonely and needed reassurance, tangible and emotional. When we come to God, we are asking the same thing."

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Trisomy 21 Day
It's World Down Syndrome Day, so it's fitting that Paul is the inspiration for the piece which ran today over at Aleteia.   How I Learned Being a Saint is as Easy as Bedtime.   Enjoy.  And if you're curious, we're still battling him on getting to bed.

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Connecting the Dots Podcast Link up!
Mark Shea and I talk about the Resurrection on Connecting the Dots!

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Because We Should Stop
As writers, we're supposed to take everything in, and pull from our memories, from our heart, and weave together associations through sentences that bridge the gap between the experiences we've all had, and the ones only some ever endure.  Yesterday, a frie...

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A Day Without Sunshine
Today March 8, 2017 is "A Day without a Woman" day; and like a day without sunshine, your regular columnist--Sherry--is nowhere to be seen.   The corporate big wigs at Chocolate for Your Brain however would not shut down the operation in solidarity with the...

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Mom Myth Buster
"You have a lot of kids so the older ones must help out a lot right?"  I get this bit of folk lore from well meaning people and I know other moms of more than two do as well, particularly if there's any sort of gap.  It's not that the older kids don't help ...

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Day 4 of Lent
May I pray for you? I'm rotating between the blog and Facebook to make sure I ask every day, and to keep from sounding like a nag.  The first thing I've come to know, is there are a lot of hidden crosses.  It is an honor to be allowed to share in such stori...

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Over at the National Catholic Register/Day 2
It was a pleasing surprise to discover this piece over at  the National Catholic Register. It's called 5 Ways to Go Deeper and Deeper Into Lent.  I would argue, it is a process and all five steps are necessary.  We're always in need of going deeper and dee...

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May I Pray For You?
May I pray for you? I've been thinking hard on what to do for Lent.  I know one part of Lent will be the 40 bags in 40 days, but I also know, that is a physical discipline and God knows, I need to become more mindful in all things. Part of Lent is to go dee...

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Connecting the Dots with Mark Shea
Today Mark and I talk about Lent, about joyful deaths, about the Orans posture at mass, and about evangelizing Aliens from other worlds. In short, we try to get to as many things as our imaginations can fathom in an hour.   My take?   I spent some time thi...
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