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Free Web Hosting
Here are a few providers I've tried, along with the findings. Google Pro: Reliable. Con: Not so simple to deploy the site or link a domain. 000webhost Pro: FTP access. Allows domain redirect. Con: ?

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Public ClipArt Libraries
Here is a list of public clipart libraries: Open Clipart ( link )

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Grid/Table Options for MVC
Here are a few nice-looking options I've tried recently, while looking for a working grid/table solution for an MVC application: DataTables.Net ( link ) ( link ) Asp.Net MVC Grid ( link ), based on MVCContrib All of these apparently support serv...

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AudioSwitch - quickly switch the PC audio output device
A convenient, Open Source, program to allow switching the active audio device from tray. AudioSwitch on GitHub

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Yahoo Finance API links
List of parameters and other useful data related to Yahoo Finance API: Market Index

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Renewed talk about scraping the roaming fees in EU
 EU in preliminary deal to scrap mobile roaming fees by mid-2017 ( link )

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Customizing Android Location
The paths for Android SDK and related tools can be customized through environment variables ANDROID_HOME ANDROID_SDK_HOME Android_Home is the location of the SDK folder (android-sdk), and Android_SDK_Home is the location where the .android folder will be st...

The general flow of additions to the app go in direction Beta -> Stable. Basically, any additions, be they corrections or new features, are published as Beta so that it is available for testing and feedback by whoever is interested and contributing in that way. As soon as issues are identified, a new version will be published. This means the updates are frequent for the Beta version and it can be unusable at times due to introduction of new or incomplete features. That is also the main reason for splitting the distribution into two separate apps / distribution channels. This way users can have both Beta and Stable installed at the same time and using the same database.

Once the Beta version has been tested for a period of time and most if not all issues ironed out, and new features polished, a Stable version will be published. This version will be reasonable stable and safe, and the updates will be a bit less frequent and hectic from now on.

So, my recommendation for most users who wish to assist with development of the app, is to use the Beta version and report any issues you encounter with it. If it ever becomes unusable due to bugs/exceptions, you can fall back to the Stable version. This way you can help me out with identifying any issues caused by adding and modifying features and make sure that those issues don't make it into the Stable release.

Dear all, I have just published the Beta version as a separate app on Google Play Store. This offers you the option to have it running in parallel to the stable version. Hopefully this will encourage more users to assist with testing the new versions and reduce the amount of issues that make it to the stable release.
I wish to thank all of you who are contributing error logs, recommendations, and ideas, for being part of the community.
The location at which the Beta version will appear is
It might take some time to propagate. Please do install this version as I will not be publishing Beta versions in the stable channel any longer. This means that the app you have currently installed will remain the Stable one, and the testing version should be installed separately. This follows some standards set by other apps and I find it more convenient than the previous option, where Beta version was published at the same channel as the stable. This, in case of app failure, leaves testers without a functioning app. They can opt out of beta testing but this is inconvenient.
Hope this makes sense for everyone.
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