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Words, Pictures, Whole Plant Based Food
Words, Pictures, Whole Plant Based Food


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Happy #worldplantmilkday !

Which is your favourite plant milk?

Oat milk?
Soy milk?
Cashew milk?
Rice milk?
Almond milk?
Coconut milk?

So many delicious varieties to choose from.

I'm just making one of my favourite meals, a Thai curry, using home made coconut milk. But on my oatmeal I love soy milk, the most nutritious.

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An excellent and informative video. Beautifully produced.

A short video worth watching.
The rest of the episodes are here:
Episode 1: Prescription: Nutrition - Green Revolution
Episode 2: Prescription: Nutrition - Grain of Truth
Episode 4: Prescription: Nutrition - Nature's Candy

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A diet proven to prevent and even REVERSE heart disease?

Ask yourself: "Has my diet been proven to prevent and even REVERSE heart disease as well as a good number of the top killer diseases of the Western world?" There is only one that has. It's a whole food plant based diet (whole food vegan).

Interesting fact: By age 10, nearly all kids have fatty streaks in their arteries. This is the first sign of atherosclerosis, the leading cause of death in the United States.
#wholefoodplantbased #wholefoodvegan

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It's never easy, saying goodbye

Airport departures are not my favourite times. Give me a happy reunion arrival lounge any day!

For once I have the perfect photo for this theme.
Today's theme is: The Back Of!
#joinindaily hosted by +Johnny Wills
#airport #departure #flight

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Find the best content/creators on G+

This is a terrific resource created by +Denis Labelle , so it is well worth checking the links to profiles and communities listed here, whether you are new to G+ or have been here a while. You will certainly find your experience on this great platform is enriched.


Thanks Denis.
+You / You+ - Thrive On Google+
The Next Generation of Creators is Here. +You / You+ equals possibilities. The network to help bring about amazing content, network for purpose, create interactions and help people. Become a creator who helps create a network and community to provide creators the support, resources and community that allows them to excel. Network with other creators to collaborate on projects, improve your creativity, and grow your audience. Start here:

Crea+e: To Learn, Create & Collaborate, Follow >
. +Erno Rubik: Rubik's Cube creator
. +Scott Detweiler: Conceptual Portrait Photographer
. +Meg Tufano: Change your mind, change the world!
. +Ailea Merriam-Pigg: Google+ Community Manager
. +Dr Lew Jensen: Firestarter - Dreamer & Conjurer
. +Paul Snedden: Google-appointed Google+ Product Expert
. +Darren Huski: Wilderness Photographer
. +Kerem Gogus: Illusionist - Dreamer
. +Paul Pavlinovich: Photographer, IT Nerd, Leader, Local Guide, Gunzel, SF Author, Crea+e
. +Christina Blount: Knitting the World Together
. +Françoise Dhulesia: Google + Creator, sharer of knowledge, in Paris, France. Art lover. A passion for India, photography, culture and diversity.
. +Heidi: Colour Creative Visual Artist and Italian Spinone Photographer.
. +Michael Brown: Google+ Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Software Developer
. +Abdul Wahab: Textile Engineer, Food Lover and Sherlock Fan
. +Sonali Dalal: Photo Artist from INDIA , lover of Abstract photography.
. +Sabine Mey-Gordeyns: Google+ Create Member - photographer, writer, content creator, speaker
. +Margaret Tompkins: Photographer, Writer, G+ Advocate
. +Rachel Bakker: Google+ Create Community Manager
. +Andreas Bartels: I compute, therefore I am.
. +Ron Serina: Ron and Mary Ellen, living inside the postcard.
. +Jannik Lindquist: philosopher, luteplayer, photographer, Google geek
. +roland j. ruttledge: Google maps local guide level 10
. +Dr. Cassone: Integrative Primary Care Doctor
. +George Station: Lecturer at getting from this day to that.
. +John Kellden: Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences.
. +Zoltan Buzady: Professor of Management, Global Expert in Flow - Leadership & Design Thinking, Google+ Create Member
. +Ellie Kennard: Words, Pictures, Whole Plant Based Food
. +Leo Deegan: Picture taker and a Google+ eng manager
. +Monika Schmidt: Consultant, photographer and musician.
. +Isabelle Fortin: Art Director | Senior Graphic Designer
. +Errol Doebler: Navy SEAL Platoon Commander. FBI Agent.
. +John Ward: I paint. I write. I enjoy meeting new people on Google+.
. +Larry Fournillier: Flavoring the World One Pot at a Time™
. +Azlin Bloor: Cheffing, Teaching & Eating my life away, one spice at a time.
. +MK Bhanu: Discover Blogging: to leverage the internet for creative expression of your hobbies!
. +Mark Rodriguez: Photographer, animator, designer, illustrator
. +Neila Rey: Fitness enthusiast, dragon tamer, spoon and air bender.
. +Gina Fiedel: Web design & Development
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+Allen Firstenberg: Prisoner
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Google+ Tips and Tricks
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Sprout Crazy

I've recently rediscovered how easy it is to produce your own fresh sprouted greens. It makes such a fantastic crunchy and delicious addition to a salad.

There are 4 different sprouts and one mix on this plate, on a bed of shredded red and green cabbage, kale and parsley. Does anyone care to have a go at guessing what the 4 are?

Edit: for any interested, the sprouts are:
Bottom front: beluga lentils
Left side: mung beans
Top left: mixed sandwich sprouts
Top middle: broccoli sprouts (the second most nutrient-dense food in the world)
Top right: green lentils

The rest of the plate included fresh grated raw beets, apples, peppers and radishes, with chopped and mashed avocado and lemon juice with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. But most of the plate is sprouts.

So easy to grow them for quick fresh home grown food.

(Hint: I got more than 1 serving of beans on this plate... #dailydozenchallenge )

#wholefoodplantbased #hownottodie #plantstrong #healthyvegan

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The things we choose to keep
part 3

When we move to new homes, we choose the things that we want to keep around us, things that represent in some way who we are and who we have been. Here, this window hanging plant crossed generations and was selected to be brought through multiple moves. The horse brasses in the sitting room, tide clock and seascapes from Suffolk hanging on the wall as if they had always been there all serve to connect us all with past windows, past cottages, past loves, friends and families. No casual visitor could guess why such a plant, such simple possessions were carried through sad and happy times, places and lives, yet, even without guessing, something does come through, something more powerful than a simple object.

Looking around the home we were staying in I was warmed by the memories that each piece of decoration brought back. They all opened a window onto the past that was still there, though so far away in time and miles.

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here

#thingsthatmatter #England
To read the whole post and view the floral and UK photo galleries, go directly to the post here:

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Through the cottage window
Part 1 is: here

There were few flowers to be seen on our trip back to the UK, but some of the scenes brought back just as many memories. It’s funny how even the interior of a modern park home, one of many almost identical in tight rows, can seem like a quaint cottage when it is filled with the things brought from just such an old home. Everything about this said ‘cottage window’ to me and the simple treasures brought to it from such an old kitchen filled the modern space with a feeling of solidity and timelessness. The little lidded pots for tea and coffee had made a graceful transition to sit on a modern windowsill, and the bird feeders transplanted to the tiny garden were so familiar that as you looked out beyond them to the golden leaves on this new riverbank you were once again standing in the kitchen of the ancient cottage on the river bank in the Suffolk countryside.

#thingsthatmatter #England #
Read the whole post and see the full UK photo gallery (click on the images) here:

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Revisiting England - thoughts from abroad

It's time to revisit England. Not literally, though a little while ago we had thought to return this month. No, this time I am thinking of England at my favourite time of the year, when I always wish I were back there. It was April, 1968 when I first visited. I had just left a Canada which was still wintry, slushy and tired of the cold and snow. England was having one of its balmy, even hot, sunny springs, with flowers blooming everywhere, birds singing and everyone friendly and happy, sitting on the grass in parks and by canals. I fell in love with the country then and I will always go back there in my mind every spring. There is nowhere like it for me. I have no photographs of the spring in England, I don't need them. My memory holds it all including the warmth of the sun on my back and on my pale winter face, and the wonderful scent of the spring flowers. Every year I think of the lines from Robert Browning's "Home Thoughts From Abroad" - "Oh, to be in England Now that April's there..."*

And then another line comes back to me from "A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman "Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough..."**

Many years later, the first real home I lived in in England had two ornamental cherry trees outside the front door.  To this day every time I see a cherry tree in bloom, I am transported back to that time and the joy they brought me then.

Read the whole blog post at the link
(or wait for the rest to be posted in a different collection).

Video reading of The Robert Browning poem:
* Full poem of the A.E. Housman 'A Shropshire Lad':
#floral #flowers #springtime #England #hqspflowers #floralfriday

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Daily Dozen Challenge
What I eat in a day

I decided to give Dr Michael Greger’s Daily Dozen challenge a try this week. The aim is to get the most important daily foods for your health Incorporated into your life on a regular basis. While I usually hit most of the boxes and these meals are fairly typical for us, it's not always easy to fit in the exercise, especially at a time when I'm busy preparing end of year tax returns, the one time I tend to be tied to a desk more than usual. The first couple of days of beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures got me out into the garden, though, along with some housework. So I nailed that!

Why not download the free app for iOS and Android to help you track your progress and see how many boxes you can check off each day? Then take the challenge for yourself and tag me in your posting. Learn more about the Daily Dozen by watching the video on here: and include the tags
#HowNotToDie #DailyDozenChallenge

Will you accept the challenge?

DRINKS (need 5 x 12 oz glasses, total 60 oz)
On waking:
1 glass water 8 oz
After ½ an hour another glass water with slice lemon 8 oz
With breakfast 2 cups of green tea 8 oz each
Mid morning 12 oz cup herb tea or coffee
Lunch time 8 oz lemon water
Afternoon 8 oz herb tea
Supper 8 oz water
Total 72 oz

Oatmeal made with water served with homemade soy milk
1 tblsp ground flax seed
1 tblsp ground Chia seed
Small handful walnuts
1 tblsp hemp hearts
Topped with a small amount of homemade oil free granola sweetened with dates
Ceylon cinnamon
A little ground whole stevia leaf
Vitamin D supplement
Vitamin B12 supplément
Which gives me:
1 serving whole grain
1 berries
3 nuts and seeds
1 flax seeds
Vit D Vit B12

LUNCH (photo 3 shows lunch for 2):
2 cups salad made for several days in advance of -
Grated red cabbage
Grated green cabbage
Kale finely chopped
Parsley finely chopped
Grated beets

Topped with 1 cup sprouted lentils (all sprouts are home grown)
¼ cup broccoli sprouts
½ cup mung bean sprouts
Some alfalfa sprouts
As well as 1 carrot
1 Apple
Spring onions
Home made Babaganouj made with eggplant, juice and pulp of lemon, garlic and some tahini
Squeeze of lemon on greens
Drizzle of balsamic vinegar
1 tblsp sunflower seeds
1 tblsp Pumpkin seeds
1 slice whole grain rye bread
1 slice whole wheat bread
A little peanut butter (only peanuts)
Which gives:
2 whole grains (bread)
1.5 serving pulses
1 cruciferous
3 greens
3 or 4 other vegetables
2 fruits
Nuts and seeds

1 Brazil nut (for selenium)
Some dulse (seaweed) for iodine

SUPPER (photo 4 shows ingredients for the curry ready to start)
Chick pea sweet potato Brussels sprouts curry
Wild rice
1 beans
1 whole grain
1 brassicas or greens
1 other vegetables
Lots of spices including ginger, turmeric, cumin and mustard seeds, garam masala, garlic
1 greens

½ tsp amla berry powder
Goji berries
Served with
Chocolate n'icecream (banana, cacao powder, pb and cacao nibs)

Gives me
3 berries (if amla counts as a berry, otherwise it's a fruit)
2 other fruits

110 minutes gardening (raking, branch clearing)
30 minutes housework

#HowNotToDie #DailyDozenChallenge #whatIeatinaday #wholefoodplantbased #helpyourhealth
Daily Dozen Challenge
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