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Alex Perucchini
Quixotic dabbler of esoteric arcana
Quixotic dabbler of esoteric arcana

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Rolof Rathdragon busy making new friends :)

I decided to make February 2017 Dragon Warriors as my learn an RPG a month goal. Currently reading the core book and purchased the players handbook... any interest in me (or Dominic, if wiling) running a small story arc on Saturday or Sunday in a couple of weeks?

I love the setting and the nostalgia of this, even though I played in a few games.

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Agnarr Skullcrasher.

Agnarr "Skullcrasher" , Male

STR: 12 INT: 12 WIS: 12
DEX: 7 CON: 10 CHA: 4
HD: 1d10 HP: 11 AP: 6
Special Features
Regain health: Once per hour, whilst in combat, a Warrior can regain d8 lost HP.

Multiple attacks: As part of their action a Warrior can make 1 attack per level.

Sunder shield: If a Warrior fails a STR or DEX test and would be dealt damage from an attack, they can opt to sunder (destroy) their shield - if they have one equipped - and ignore the damage.

Equipment (11)
Thieves Tools
Large Sack
Fresh Rations (d4)
Wineskin (d6)
Torches x 6 (d6)
Flint & Steel
50ft Rope
Sword (1d8)
Small Shield
6 coin

A warrior from the north lands, not tolerant of fools with a penchant for a good fight. Loyal to his friends but do not get on his bad side.

+Jay Hassan wins the internet today! Karak Azgal was waiting for me when I got home... shop with confidence 😀
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