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Handmade Wood Fired Japanese Fuurin Wind Chime with Beautiful Hand Painted Paper Tanzaku This wind chime was formed on a pottery wheel with stoneware clay, left
unglazed, and fired in a wood burning kiln to cone 10. The porcelain
bead inside that makes no...

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Fridge Magnetic Illustration "Butterflyes" Magnetic illustration on plywood support, the drawing is printed on 160 gr paper and covered with opaque transparent enamel. dimensions 8,5 cms x 6 cms thickness 6 mm Magnetic sheet has 1 mm thickness and 80 gr/cm2...

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Hand-Dyed Large Beige Tall Tabi Socks Wear your thong sandals even in cool weather with these carefully Hand-Dyed Tall TABI Socks. Starting
with Tall White Tabi Socks, I dye them with Tintex. After dyeing I put
them through 2 wash cycles to make sure the...

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SALE Valentines gift crochet triangle black scarf shawl - mohair and acrylic unique handmade Large handmade unique made from super soft high quality mohair/acrylic
yarn - Angora is the name of the yarn. The colour is black. It could be
done in a different...

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Wedding Veil Mantilla White A must have for a bride is a veil, it will create a soft canvas against
the dress and frame your face with the beautiful detail that is in this
mantilla veil. This mantilla veil was an inspiration after I saw a
beautiful brid...

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Pink and Gray Stuffed Llama,Stuffed Alpaca, Crochet Llama, Toy Llama, Alpaca Plush, Llama Plush, Farm Amigurumi, Cute Stuffed Animals, Sheep Leona measures in at 8 inches from her feet to his ears and 8 1/2 inches from his nose to his tail. Leona
is made w...

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Non-Digital Manga Sample Pack Non-Digital Manga Sample Pack (How to). Art by me (Guest artists for the sample manga: Izumi Aoki & Junichi Sunami) Category: How to draw manga basic tips and use screen-tones. Contains> 1 Booklet of character sketch & screen-...

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No Face-Hayao Miyazaki Spirited Away-Chain Necklace This necklace was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited away. The
necklace has a plastic No Face pendant, and the gunmetal chains
represent his fading aura. This is a really fun necklace that flows and

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Personalised Pikachu plushie - Pokemon custom kawaii doll * PERSONALISED PIKACHU KAWAII PLUSH DOLL - FACE MADE TO ORDER BASED ON YOUR CHOSEN PROFILE/AVATAR/PICTURE * • Materials: Colourful felt fabric, high quality cotton stuffing, small pieces glued an...

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Comet Mosaic Table A brilliant comet soars through the night sky while the stars glow around it. The
mosaic is stained glass on top of a cement backer board and wood inlay.
The table has been re-painted and has a protective satin finish. It
is hard to t...
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