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Helping people find low cost Medicare supplemental insurance
Helping people find low cost Medicare supplemental insurance


Don't Panic if you have an Aflac Medicare supplement

I just received a call from a very nice “young” lady out of Georgia.  I had previously sent her quotes and we were discussing how plan G would, in her case, save her a few dollars if she did not mind paying the Medicare Part B deductible out of pocket. She told me she was very upset when she went to the Aflac website to renew the Medicare supplement insurance plan purchased for her husband and read that Aflac was no longer selling Medicare Supplements.  She said that because they were terminating her plan that she had until the end of the week to buy a new Medigap plan.  This was news to me.
I had sold several Aflac plans and knew that Aflac was no longer selling new Medicare supplement plans, but had heard nothing about them not renewing old ones.  I asked and she said that they had not sent her a termination letter.  So I told her to let me call her back in a few minutes.  After a quick called Aflac confirming that they were not termination all their Medicare supplement plans I called the Georgia lady back and let her know that she did not need to purchase a new plan and that her husband was good to go.  Of course I would have helped her find a new plan if they really wanted one, but it was clear that they were only shopping under duress.  As I hung of the phone I heard the lady in that background say “thank God”.
Dealing with insurance can be a pain.  It is something that you are very glad you have when you need it, but hope you never need, and not one of the more pleasurable things in life to purchase.  The purchase process can be made a lot worse by predatory agents who will push products you don’t need or want.
So for anyone out there that has an Aflac Medicare supplement plan don’t panic.  They are not dropping all their customers.  A Medigap plan is guaranteed renewable so in every case where a Medicare supplement plan is going to be dropped or terminated you should have a letter or notice of some kind.  This will give you guaranteed issue rights to buy a new Medigap ploicy.  For more information on this check out section three of the governments guide to choosing a Medigap Policy.
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Mutual of Omaha Lowers Rate on South Carolina Plan G

Yes you read that right.  The rate for South Carolina Medicare Supplement Plan G went down under Mutual of Omaha.  And that is by 8% – something you can shake a stick at!  So if you live in South Carolina and are shopping around for a Medigap plan be sure to get quotes from an independent insurance agent.  This way you can compare quotes and find the best priced plan in your neck of the woods.
Mutual of Omaha had this to say about their South Carolina Medigap Plan G price reduction.
You need a low-priced Med supp. You got it.

Our long-term pricing strategy is once again keeping rates low for your current and future clients
Lightning Hot Plan G is the Way to Go

Plan G rates are among the lowest statewide with or without our 7% household discount.

When comparing Plans F and G, in most cases, you have to ask: “Why would you pay more for a $147 benefit?”
More Savings

7% household discount

No policy fee
Request quotes today and see if Mutual of Omaha has the best deal for you.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia Medicare Supplement Recieve Refund

An estimated 24,000 Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance holders will soon receive a refund check from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  BCBS of Georgia released a statement to day that they will be sending a refund to those with up to date plans as of 1 Jan 2013 and had a rate increase that same month.  The estimate refund should be around $14 per policy.  The check are scheduled to be mailed out 11 March 2014.  If you think you qualify and have not received your refund or have questions you can contact Blue Crosses Medicare Program Services at 1(800)633-4368.
Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance is of course an important part of many seniors health and financial protection.  If you are considering purchasing a Medigap plan make sure you request quotes and compare prices.  There is surprisingly a large spread in prices for esentally the same insurance.  See if Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has the best price in your area or another insurance company.  Request quotes today.
For more information on Medicare Supplement insurance click here
To go to the BCBS post bout the refund click here
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia is the trade name in Georgia of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Anthem states that it is dedicated to delivering better care to our members, providing greater value to our customers and helping improve the health of our communities.  Anthem is a valued insurance provider in many states across the country.
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2014 Social Security No Longer Verifies Benefits in Office

Starting February 2014 the Social Security Offices will no longer provide their patrons printouts for the purpose of benefits verification in office.  To obtain the needed Social Security benefits verification letter  clients will have to register for an online Social Security account or call 1(800) 772-1213 and request the letter through snail mail.
Turning 65 and need a Medicare Supplement insurance plan or already have a Medigap plan and want to compare current rates?   Visit and request quotes today. Licensed in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and many more.
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Doctor Chose an Everence Medicare Supplement Plan - 24 Hour Insurance Quotes
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Test Post from Medicare Supplement - What Where & How -
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Texas Medicare supplement rates to increase for New Era Medicare supplements by around 8% come Sept. Still very competitive Medigap plans
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