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Loving Jason's photo :-)
Its classic and its sugar! 

The artwork in our store is soooo beautiful. I am loving the renovations.

Will Britney announce a VMA performance tonight during Jersey Shore? Anddddd when is Gaga going to announce her performance with Bruce Springstein at the VMAs?

Cannot help but blush everytime i get to say "I'm going to grab your cookie" at work.

loving iOS 5 so far.

It's my iCloud and I want it now!

Getting ready for the new season of Project Runway with a marathon of last season. Still think Mondo was robbed.

Switching back to using Safari on the MacBook since it supports Lion's new features, missing Google Chrome already.

Downloading Mac Os X Lion. Excited...

Kudos to CNN for being the first cable network to stream fulltime online!
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