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Align dynamic workloads of today with security in Genode OS.
Align dynamic workloads of today with security in Genode OS.

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With Genode 16.11, we revisited the most fundamental aspect of the framework - the interplay between parent and child components. With a sharp eye on improved scalability, we replaced the fully synchronous model of communication by asynchronous communication. The notable side effect of this next step in the direction of state-machine-based components is reduction of efforts required for thorough evaluation of crucial system components. Further, we refined the design and configuration interface of our NIC-router component to ease its application in common use cases. Additional highlights are NOVA kernel improvements, VirtualBox version updates, and support for smart cards.

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We just released Genode 16.08 with lots of improvements ranging from extended base-platform support over networking and virtualization to a new tool for statistical profiling. We are proud to announce that we support seL4 as base platform for dynamic and interactive scenarios on x86. The new version enables users of seL4 to compose dynamic operating systems from a plethora of ready-to-use Genode components. Further, the Muen developers contribute their efforts in running unmodified guest operating systems on top their separation kernel with a port of VirtualBox 4. As we consider VirtualBox as key feature of Genode, this release includes a first experimental version of VirtualBox 5 on top of the NOVA kernel. Another highlight of the new version is a virtual networking component for routing and NAT accompanied by the ability to use the TOR network.

Every summer since 2009, we celebrate the progress of Genode together with the community by a casual barbecue and campfire at the Elbe river banks. To recall the past year's events, glimpse at our next steps, and get together with the friends of Genode, we invite you to our 8th Anniversary party

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1st of September, 6 pm near Drachenschänke in Dresden

Enjoy grilled vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, have a drink, chat with the people of Dresden's operating-systems community, and relax at the nice scenery at the river! If you are going to attend, we would greatly appreciate a short note from you to ease our preparations

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Just in time before the Hack'n'Hike 2016, we released Genode 16.05 some minutes ago.

The central aspect of the current release is the fundamental renovation of our base API, which gradually evolved over the years since 2006. While we gained a wealth of experience with a wide range of usage scenarios and their requirements, we eventually realized that we need fundamental changes to greatly increase robustness and flexibility. The whole story is part of the release documentation.

Beside the API changes, we packed quite a few exciting features and improvements into the release with the following highlights: an update of our ported drivers from Linux to version 4.4.3, improved support for ACPI events and functions on x86, enhanced debugging support on NOVA 32-bit and 64-bit, and the capability to implement Genode components in the Rust programming language. Last but not least, Genode 16.05 is accompanied by a new revision of the "Genode Foundations" book.

See you in the Gutshaus Heeselicht!

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Learn how Genode came to RISC-V

Our new article provides a look behind the scenes of porting Genode to the RISC-V hardware architecture.

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Recording of Norman Feske demonstrating Genode as Desktop OS at FOSDEM'16

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It's time to announce our first Genode release in 2016.
Genode 16.02 adds RISC-V as a supported CPU architecture to our custom kernel, enables secure pass-through of individual USB devices to virtual machines, and updates the support for the Muen and seL4 kernels. We also improved our GUI stack and developed a custom USB mass-storage driver that runs separated from the now reconfigurable USB host-controller driver.

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We published the story behind Genode's TrustZone demo on the USB Armory. This article provides a look behind the scenes of the development of Genode's support for the USB Armory platform.

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Today, we released Genode 15.11 with a strong focus on making Genode viable as the foundation of a desktop OS. The release covers several improvements related to this goals: We ported the Linux Intel KMS driver that enables the use if multiple displays and the dynamic configuration of screen resolutions and connectors. Genode's GUI and audio stack experienced vast improvements while we kept our concept of a uniform configuration concept with a single low-complexity mechanism. Also, we added universal copy-paste support in form of our clipboard component with a rigid information-flow configuration and anti-measures for covert-communication.

Further bullets on the list are: support for Xilinx Zynq-7000, TrustZone support on the USB Armory device, a new VFS component, and support for 64-bit guests in VirtualBox.

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The just released Genode 15.08 is characterized by our efforts to use Genode as day-to-day operating system and marks the beginning of a transition as one of the project's core developers switched to using Genode/NOVA on his machine. From this background, we packed quite a few improvements regarding user GUI experience, VirtualBox robustness and performance, integration of native Genode applications and guest OSes as well as tools to inspect the system behavior into Genode 15.08. Beyond that, we're proud to integrate substantial community contributions as the support to run Genode base-hw on the Muen separation kernel on x86_64 and extended device-driver support for Raspberry Pi and Odroid-X2.

Beside that there are also kernel-resource management for NOVA, VirtualBox audio support, file-system infrastructure improvements, and the completion of our transition to the new platform driver on the table.
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