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Latest and great applicant tracking systems.  If you ar in the recruiting game this is a must read.

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How can one recruiter do the job of ten or more recruiters and at the same time hire better more qualified applicants?

1) By focusing 90% of their efforts on the important aspects of the selection process; HUMAN INTERACTIVE SCREENING.

2) By ELIMINATING: The Paperwork Game
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       # EEOC Paperwork
       #Reporting & Tracking
       #Onboarding Paperwork, Etc…

3) By ELIMINATING: The Telephone Tag Game

4) By ELIMINATING: Email Chatter related to scheduling

5) By ELIMINATING: Giving the same interview instructions/directions etc… over and over again.

6) By making it so simple for Hiring Managers to perform and schedule most if not all the interviews. So simple, that in five (5) minutes a hiring manager could schedule 100+ interviews, as well as provided detailed, statistically relevant reporting on each interview in less than a minute.

7) By utilizing predictive position success analytical profiles to get better and more efficient at each stage of the screening process.

8) By being able to seamlessly track and score, as well as report on every single selection/screening stage an applicant must go through, regardless of how many steps or interviewers a candidate must meet. 

9) By significantly reducing the effort required to make a final decision, get an offer to a candidate, gain the candidates acceptance, perform a background check and get them scheduled for their first day.

WELL FOLK, THIS IS ALL NOW ALL POSSIBLE! Great Hiring Practice’s Recruiting-TRM application offers solutions to all these obstacles and more; obstacles, which probably consume a better part of a recruiters life. 

Get on the right track fast and without any major integration. Recruiting-TRM is an internet based application that can virtually work with any of your current systems and/or service providers. You don’t have to change a thing, other than plan what to do with your spare time.

 If your company has high demand positions or has high turn-over positions like in the sales, call center, retail and healthcare sectors, this is a must have solution that will instantly save your company a fortune, as well as improve the bottom line by hiring better more qualified applicants for the job. 

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