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We create brands that demand attention, inspire response, and voice a story worth sharing.
We create brands that demand attention, inspire response, and voice a story worth sharing.

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It's time for a #rebrand ... Where do you start?

In our latest blog post we offer a checklist to move forward on your rebrand (don't worry, at the beginning we distinguish what we mean by a rebrand).

Our rebrand checklist includes:
1. Do we have audience personas for our target audiences?
2. Why do they choose us now?
3. Is our message clear and consistent everywhere?
4. Does our brand express who we are and how we want to be known?
5. What's the best way to transition to a new brand?
6. Do we update all at once or roll it out slowly?

Take the leap to get more details. I recommend a piece of paper too so you can jot down some answers!

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When you sell things within a certain radius, how do you win at local search?

Luckily we have +Rand Fishkin offering 3 tactics to get us all started :D I found solution 1 the most interesting. Often times we focus on searches within our town... Which sometimes doesn't give us a whole lot of keywords to work with. So why not search regionally? You'll end up with more keywords to work with and you're still tapping a population that could potentially be customers.

Have you been crushing local search? Want to share your secret to success?

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#tbt to a rant on the overuse of the word "needs"

Unfortunately, this word still shows up everywhere! Which makes this rant still completely relevant ... More than two years later!

"Whatever you think their 'needs' are … they’re thinking about something else that is personal, that addresses their concerns, challenges and questions."

Use this #Thursdaythoughts to really dive into how you can better address your audience. Trust me, it's worth the extra effort!

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If someone outside of your industry visited your #website, would they know what you're saying?

It's so easy to get caught up in our own jargon. It makes sense to us so it's good to go right? Not necessarily.

This is especially an issue for a lot of #B2Bwebsites

So I encourage you to use this #websitewednesday to reevaluate what you say on your website and how you say it ... Is it easy to read for the average visitor?

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It's almost March ... How are your 2017 goals going?

Soon enough the first quarter of 2017 will be over ... Does that sentence have you saying "yes, I'm on right on target!" ... Or are you saying "what?! I'm nowhere near where I should be!"

If it's the latter, it might be time to reevaluate your goals

And maybe re-prioritize ... Are they all priorities? Then it's time to enlist help. Especially if one of those priorities is your #website ... That's one area you don't want to fall behind on! We have an updated download that offers 6 website essentials to get you started!

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Ready to set a new course for your marketing?

A little #mondaymotivation ... Often times we can be aware that our #marketing needs an update ... But sometimes that update is deeper than just your marketing. It could mean it's time to #rebrand. A few questions to ask:
- Is it that the messages in your marketing aren't resonating?
- Is it that your message and visuals don't work together?
- Are people still not sure exactly what you do and why they should choose you?

Yes, your marketing is leading them astray ... But your brand clearly isn't whole either. Your audiences need defining. Your messaging needs focus. Your positioning needs to be expressed from the top down.

Use your motivation today to look for the root of your marketing issue ... And if you can't find it, talk to someone who can (hint, we can!).

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How serious are you about your link building efforts?

If you know it's something you need to tackle, +Rand Fishkin offers a great way to prioritize links to go after in this week's #whiteboardfriday. Of course it goes back to goals (doesn't it always?) ... But it's also about likelihood of achieving that link. Even if a link from The Atlantic would boost my ranking, does the low likelihood of that happening make it not worth pursuing? Or at least not worth pursuing for now?

As #marketers we have to make a lot of decisions

Which strategy and tactics do we use to boost visibility, leads, and ultimately sales. What do we decide doesn't work as opposed to it does work we just did it wrong. When it comes to our #website ... Things don't change. We still have a lot of decisions to make and we could still choose wrong. But the best advice I can give is that whatever you decide, go all in. Don't dabble lightly in many tactics. Seriously focus on a few. So if link building is a tactic you're tackling, then use this whiteboard Friday to get focused on it.

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A #throwbackthursday to one of my favorite campaigns!

This integrated #tourismmarketing campaign for our local downtown is not just fun ... It also speaks to the variety of audiences that McMinnville, Oregon draws in. Though we're in wine country, that's not all McMinnville has. Amazing food, breweries and adorable shops all within a short walk ... That's what McMinnville really offers.

And this tourism marketing campaign highlighted all of that in a style that spoke to the unique nature of McMinnville. It isn't Portland and it isn't trying to be. It's Mac (what the locals call it).

What do you think? Would you want to visit? We're coming up on wine season!

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When Google tells you how to hire a #SEO expert ... Listen!

Great find here by +Mark Traphagen! Notice, Maile Ohye doesn't say "hire the SEO expert who promises to get you to rank #1." We can't stress this enough: When they say they promise to get you to rank #1, run!

No good SEO expert can make that promise. Generally they'll say something like, "these tactics will increase your ranking for these search terms over x amount of time..." I know, the lack of guarantee isn't as comforting. But in SEO (and actually marketing in general), we don't work in guarantees.

Happy #websitewednesday !
Some great advice from Google's +Maile Ohye 

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Well then, we must have a whole lotta love in our office ;)

Some fun in celebration of #valentinesday ... Though there's one more thing I think both creativity and love have in common and that's an openness to what's possible ... In the following blog post we talk about it as curiosity ... But to me, it's an openness more than anything else.
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