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Computerized gun stabilization still blows my mind...

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It's already started, those on the political right (particularly in the United States) are politicizing the attacks in Paris to support thier own political agenda. France 24’s Mark Owen was both baffled and outraged by a comment by Newt Gingrich.

“So he’s using this atrocity to make his point that people should be able to carry guns basically. It’s funny how people will very distastefully use this kind of situation to express their own particular political agenda. Newt Gingrich, shame on you.”
Many want to escalate the conflict in Syria and Iraq, others are trying to blame Syrian immigrants that are trying to escape people like this, and others are trying to state that terrorism poses an existential threat to freedom and democracy (which I guess it does if you're ceding freedom and democracy to fight terrorism). Yet all of them are trying to characterize the very real and very complicated socio-political issues that give rise to terrorism as a simple battle between good and evil for which there can only military solutions.

I'm sorry, but the simplistic fables that the neoconservatives have been telling since the Reagan years just don't mate up with the highly complicated and rapidly changing world we live in. These terrorists are otherwise insignificant and all that over-inflating some fictitious battle between good and evil does is provide them a fictitious level of importance and influence; it is a victory that only we can provide them with by being terrorized by these fables. Likewise, IS will tell thier own fables about how they struck a heroic blow against the evil empires of the West in order to draw more support.

The reach and scale of terrorism is actually insignificant compared to it's presence in the media. We certainly shouldn't overreact by sending more troops to the middle east. Afghanistan and Iraq should have taught us that it's actually counterproductive because the message that infidels attacking and killing Muslims is the perfect recruiting tool. Terrorism is is the weapon of the weak, it is a technique for revolutionaries who don't have an army to get noticed and draw support.

Dr. Gwynne Dyer, former instructor at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst said it best:

"You poke the bear, and the bear comes down and attacks not just you, but everybody around you and people you've never met— and drives some of those people into the revolutionaries' arms."

The way to defeat them is to not do what they want, don't overreact, don't lash out; just keep calm, mourn the dead, prosecute those that can be under rule of law, and carry on. Help the people they would try to draw support from even if they try to stop you from doing so. If we as nations behave contrary to thier objectives, we will ultimately defeat thier aims.


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2015 SOMC Fall Rattler Cruise

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And that is how they do 100 mph across rough terrain... 
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Please work on your RMA process.

Specifically in the following areas:

1. I had to pay to ship my card to be serviced.

EVGA and Sapphire have always sent me a pre-paid FedEx. Even Sony sent me pre-paid UPS for my PS3 warranty return and that can't have been cheap.

2. Communications blackout during the process

I had no idea what was going on until I got the email saying it was shipped. Even then, nowhere can I find what was found to be the problem or what was done to rectify it. I can only guess that it was a repair because I got a card with the same SN back and it no longer .

3. I had to pay duties and brokerage to get UPS to release my card

This is probably more on UPS than you, but $13.92 in brokerage to assign $0 in duties and taxes? Had the import sheet been marked correctly as a warranty return/repair, it should have just sailed through customs with no fees.

4. Not everything was returned to me

I sent my card with all of it's blue plastic I/O covers on it and received literally none of them back; DVI/HDMI/DP/PCI-E/Crossfire covers are all gone. The retail box sleeve also apparently didn't warrant returning. This is just outright laziness on the part of the techs.

I love your products because they rarely go wrong, but this has literally been the worst RMA experience I have ever had in over 20 years of building computers for myself and others...

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If you ever feel like writing a comment on a commercial website about how someone else is [insert adjective here], instead... Go ahead... I'll wait...

Good, isn't that better?

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Watch as the cone of negative pressure behind the Atlas 5 Heavy collapses as it goes supersonic over the atlantic ocean...

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