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Regardless of whether an opinion is popular or unpopular, it is a mistake to assume that just because somebody has posted an opinion/position in public means that they’ve opened themselves up for debate on it.
Good article about having discussions (especially online), how to take a clue that you're being inappropriate etc.

ETA: some parts of it smell a bit of tone policing, but on the other hand others are very sensible advice and can also be useful to help you better focus your efforts if you find you're experiencing burn-out due to being engaged in a lot of discourse about racism, sexism, ableism and other -isms and have trouble saving up energies/disengaging when the conversation is going nowhere. So, I'd say the article is a bit of a mixed bag but the good parts are worth reading.

Another common mistake is to assume that just because somebody has stated an opinion or position means that they’ve opened themselves up for debate, even if it’s in a “public” space such as on YouTube or Twitter. While I’m a believer in “you have a right to what you can defend”, there’s a time and a place for challenging others – and many people wrongly assume that’s “any time”. The fact that somebody is having a conversation on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean that they’re looking to take on all comers. Yes, they may not have their settings on “private”, but simply being in a “public” space doesn’t serve as an invitation for anybody to put their two cents in. Restaurants or shopping malls are also public spaces, but inserting yourself uninvited into somebody else’s conversation there is still rude.
Part of not being seen as a dickhead means recognizing that you can pick your battles. Some arguments are simply not worth having. You may enjoy a lively debate; that doesn’t mean everyone else does and trying to drag other people into it is a quick way to end up alone. Being “right” is a hollow victory when it comes with a side of “…and this is why nobody likes you.”


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they’re trying to express an unpopular or opposing opinion is that they aren’t having an argument, they’re having a fight. Arguments are about trying to change minds and bring someone around to your point of view. Fights, on the other hand, are about beating the other person either literally or metaphorically. (emphasis mine)
You have a right to your opinion, right? So why do people get upset when you disagree with them? Here's how to share your opinion without being an ass.
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Amen to this.  
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Hmmm... >.>
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This has been on my mind the last few days because of something like a mental wiki walk. And while I treasure some of the friends I made in my time there - including +Lillith Sullivan and others - I feel like that part of my life is concluded and in the past. SWG was something special, but it was much much more than the code base. The community (with all its many many flaws, because we are all flawed) was special.

Now I'm just happy with the memories.
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A Menacing, Fanged Pirate. I think I can do this.

(via +Mary M. Cooper)
Need costume inspiration? Look no further! Find the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name then the month you were born to discover your perfect costume. Then, explore Etsy finds to craft your look:
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There needs to be a perfume that smells like dried grass and oak leaves.
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Now that I've got my hair almost completely silver/white, should I dye it all pink?

(The potential new job I was keeping my hair conservative for didn't pan out.)
70 votes  -  votes visible to Public
No, keep it silver
Yes, dye it all pink
Yes, dye part of it pink
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Stay silver!
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This will have to tide me over until our next Disneyland trip. ::DROOLS::
Copycat Dole Whip Recipe
Dole whip is a pretty tasty and popular dessert from Disney World. Unfortunately, the only place you can get it is at Disney World. This has inspired ...
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My motivation meter is almost empty this morning.
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Mine has been empty for the better part of a month. I know how you feel.

I just can't tell anyone, they may notice I don't care... As illustrated by this 2am comment. :p
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Have her in circles
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HAPPY MONDAY. It is Monday, isn't it? That's why I'm not in my bed? Anyway, I do love playing as a healer, but anyone who's had me in voice while grouped with my healer knows what it's really like.

(via @evacgo and @AgentJaspor on Twitter)
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"You better come back and revive me now, bitch, I kept your ass alive the last half an hour!" Good thing I was muted all weekend. 
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I have +Eve Sullivan​'s hat and am trying to embarrass her.
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Dat hair... 😁 oh wait those are Pikachu braids 😜
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Words of wisdom I'm going to try to live by!

Expect a love letter to my cat and various video games and books.
I don't understand how to be soft, with love. 

Love big, or go home. 

Make a huge embarrassing sloppy love post to your lover, your friends, your family when drunk. Or drunk on life. Or sober. 

Randomly show up on their social media sites and tell them, for no reason other than it is a day that ends in y, "YOUR FACE. I LOVE THAT SHIT." 

Write public love letters to them. To your favorite things. To your dog. Your cat. Your favorite games and the characters in them. 

Write public lover letters on your skin. Even when you don't believe it--someone's eyes already know the words anyway every time they trail it. 

Be sloppy with love. Kiss anyone who will let you and is comfortable with it. Cuddle with people you just met on the internet (except for people with attack gerbils. Always be safe) and also are willing to accept it. 

Accept back. 
Shout your heart and who holds it and who makes you worry and that you think about them and care in the middle of your front yard and startle the shit out of your neighbors. Or squirrels. 

And then make sure you do so to those you were shouting about. 

Tell someone they did good. Tell someone you love them just because. 

Because not telling them is unfair. Hiding your love for them could mean the difference between, "here today, gone tomorrow." 

For so many, many years, I have been too timid with my love. I didn't dare speak it. I didn't dare feel anything but shame. (I still do. But it's a process.) I didn't want the world to know--fearing I'd get hurt. And guess what? 

I did get hurt. Mostly because I was too soft, and the moments passed, forever. 

I would rather make the mistake, now, of getting hurt because I loved too much and too loudly, then miss it all because I was whispering. 

So go. 
And be LOUD. 
Be proud to not understand how to be soft with love.

#Iloveyou   #yesyou   #internetstrangerlove   #huggingtheshitoutofyou  
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I've posted plenty of pictures of my cat, but I don't think I've actually written much about her.
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#ThrowbackThursday to September 2007.
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In which we learned that Eve will ::jawdrop:: if Vivian Campbell walks by. Even if she has a mouthful of wine.

Forgetting how to drink in front of a rock star is super classy.
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It's not working.

Or maybe I set my bind point to my desk at work. 
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Bob Lai
Need to go back and see what's new in Diablo 3.
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Fantastic sushi, fantastic service, clean and friendly place. I will be happy to go back.
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