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I have no idea what it's about, but I have decided that my inevitable Forged in the Dark game will be called, "Doom in the Gloom."
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Theory: Actual Play is going to win the Diana Jones Award because they’ve decided this is the last year they’re going to do it and will ceremonially smash the trophy and scatter the pieces to streamers every where like the Infinity Stones.
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Alright, alright, I couldn't resist participating in +Paul Czege's #DoeJayChallenge project.

So here you go...
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Does anyone happen to have a copy of the Le Mon Mouri RPG.

I legit purchased it back in the day but this was before online bookshelves and cloud drives. The pdf was so large it had to be emailed to me in 3 parts.

Sadly, I seem to have lost it. If anyone has a copy and is willing to link me access to it, I'd love to replace it.

Thank you.
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Hey I want to draw attention to a neat little game you may not have seen. It's called Xas Irkalla.

Here's how I would pitch it: Gamma World meets Silent Hill. Basically psychics broken the world and now all manner of weirdness is trying to survive here.

The game system is basically what you would get if you built a basic but brutal fantasy adventure ruleset from first principles and added in settlement rules for post-apocalyptic survival.

I backed the kickstater for this on pure gut feeling and I was right. It's a cool little game built directly for serviceable needs of play. It has clear purpose and vision.

There's a lot at the link I'm going to provide for you so let me break it down. (I have all of these because of the KS).

Xas Irkalla - The main game which is everything I described above.

Strain - This is just the ruleset from the game without a lot of the setting specific stuff. However, a lot of the setting is baked into the ruleset so it still has a pretty strong flavor. This makes it almost stranger.

Basic Strain + Agony + Abomination - These three together make up a kind of "White Box" version of the game.

Basic Strain is PWYW and is the very first thing I received from the KS. From that alone I was already happy with my choice to back it as the clarity of vision (a simple but purposeful vision) was so clearly present.

One of the reasons I'm drawing attention to it because the couple making the game basically ran into a disaster with their printer and are in danger of running into the red on their KS funds to fulfill the print pledges.

They have literally done everything else right and I know that any sales of these .pdfs with help shore up their funds to finish fulfillment.

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And here's the video from last Saturday where we play first edition Warhammer on camera:
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A Flower for Mara


Murderous Ghosts


Murderous Mara
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#AprilTTRPGMaker Day 15: Design in Public or Private.

I guess mostly in private in that I don't tend to "work out" design problems publicly. As noted in previous posts I do make all drafts of my games publicly available. If I play-test something I generally post about it and the insights learned. But I don't solicit design advice publicly.
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#AprilTTRPGMaker Day 14: Dreams and Plans.

I'm a day behind!

So I want to build Bloodthorn Press into... something. I don't want to be "big". Evil Hat is already at level I never want to be. I'd like to be maybe a step larger than I feel Ron's at with Adept Press and a step smaller than where I feel Vincent is at with Lumpley Games?

Does that even make sense? Is solid and clear presence with identity recognition but no major business overhead even a thing?

People say "games don't make money". My thought is good, I really don't want Bloodthorn Press to "make money" in the capitalist ideal. I want it to be a nice supplement to my income. I want it to close the gap between where I am and where I truly comfortable and that gap is not very large.
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My friend Gina is starting a new AP stream called ShadowCon as part of the HappyJacks series of streams. Today is the first episode and I will be playing on it!

In Gina’s words:
How metal can an RPG be? Tune in to our #Warhammer #1stEdition #actualplay TODAY at 5-9pm PT on (link: http://HappyJacks.Org/live) HappyJacks.Org/live to find out! \m/ \m/
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