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I just finished reading Shutter Island. From the trailer it looks like the film is a fairly strong adaptation.

<spoilers for old movies>

Is it just me, or are Shutter Island and Inception functionally the same story? Staring the exact same actor.
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Co-worker: I want to try out this RPG.

Me: Okay, cool, I've never heard of it.

<Browses through RPG library>

Me: Huh, I own it. Wonder when that happened.
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Over the last year I've been running Torchbearer at cons. I've run my Usher scenario 3 times (I'm going to run it one more time at Big Bad Con this year and then probably retire it for a while) and Skogenby once.

The last game I ran the players actually did a Kill a conflict (and won!) and actually did a Town phase in the hopes of buying a rope.

For completeness I've been a player in Torchbearer game once.

I'm now pretty convinced that it's a game best played with Vodka and many sardonic jokes about the coming proletariat revolution.
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So, I hear rumors about an all girl remake of Lord of the Flies.

When I was growing up and had to read that book my mom was SUPER insistent that if it had been all girls on that island those terrible things wouldn't have happened.

I'm not sure I'm looking forward to revisiting those conversations if/when she hears about/sees this thing.
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I don't talk politics much but there's something I've been turning over in my head. So here's the deal. I fully support a lot of "socialist" action I want single-payer healthcare. I'm on board with universal income. I think we could nationalize a lot of services like energy and communication. And so on. I think a lot of things can be evaluated by a case-by-case basis.

But when a lot of my really far-left leaning friends talk about "ending capitalism" I'm not entirely sure what they mean. For whatever reason when it comes to "laws" and "society" I'm a very concrete thinker. I want to know exactly what behavior we're saying people shouldn't engage in.

To illustrate this I've come up with what I think of as the Capitalist Ship of Theseus problem.

So let's say I own a large house and decide to make it a bed and breakfast. So, at first, I do everything. I clean the rooms. I work the kitchen. I manage the bookings and accounts.

I'm successful enough that I realize I can pay someone else to work the kitchen. So now I'm just cleaning the rooms and managing the accounts.

Then I realize I'm successful enough that I can hire someone to clean the rooms. And all I'm doing is managing the accounts.

And THEN I realize I'm successful enough that I can hire a third person to manage the accounts. So now, I'm not involved at all. After purchasing supplies and paying my three employees I can just pocket what's left over without doing anything.

The FINAL step is that if I put enough away from this excess money I can open a second location. But I don't have to go through the "Ship of Theseus" part. I can jump right to hiring a cook, a housekeeper and a manager and start pocking the excess right away without ever even visiting the location.

And now I can just keep doing that. I can build a B&B empire on passive income from these establishments alone.

So in my thought experiment is, "where does this become 'exploitation' in the socialist parlance?" When should someone have stepped in and said, "No, you can't do that, that's not right/fair/just/whatever."

Was it the idea that I owned the house in the first place? Was it when I hired a second person and didn't immediately split the money 50/50? Was it when I stopped working for the B&B at ALL? Where's the breakdown?
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This article is immensely satisfying:

Believe it or not, I actually spend a lot of time thinking about fire ball and lightening bolt (and to some extent magic missile). The more I think about them, the more I don't like them. And that's precisely because they really feel like hold overs from the wargame roots.

And now this article confirms that.
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I have now beaten all third tier bosses in Darkest Dungeon (including Brigand Vulf). Only the Darkest Dungeon itself remains.

I sent a team in.

They did not return.

Oh boy.
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Primal Scream about Darkest Dungeon:

The. Third. Fucking. Cannon. Boss. Thing. Will. Not. Fucking. DIE.

At least this time I escaped with three survivors.

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#RPGaday2017 - What RPG have you owned the longest but not played?

Wraith: The Oblivion.

Confession: I never got into White Wolf games. I ran a pretty bad Werewolf game once and ask me sometime about my traumatic Changeling con game. I once played in a con game of Vampire that I literally have no memory of and only just now thought of it because I was remembering the horror of the Changeling game.

But Wraith? Wraith is the only White Wolf game that made any sense to me. Leave it to me to pick the underdog of a set. I really want to run it some day. Will likely take a hard look at 1st, 2nd and 20th Anniversary Edition, when that comes, out and throw all of them in blender and season to my taste.
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I feel like I have lost more guys in Darkest Dungeon in the last month than I had in the whole year prior. These last few bosses are brutal.
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