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Information is Freedom. It is Your Right to Know. Start Searching!
Information is Freedom. It is Your Right to Know. Start Searching!


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Reverse Search Any Email Address

Most of us receive #emails on a daily basis that are from unrecognized parties. It's pretty easy to figure out which emails are trying to get us to signup or buy something but what about the rest? It's best practice not to open any emails from an unknown sender. That is where a #ReverseEmail address search comes in handy. Before opening an email, that may contain #malicious software or a #virus or #ransomware, you can verify the sender's email address. This can help you #identify those potentially harmful emails that are in your in-box. To find out more about reverse email searches, read the article below.

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Social Media People Search

Do you want to know more about the people you associate with on #Social Media? A Pew-Study reveals that 70% of adults in the United States use Social Media on a regular basis. #SocialMedia has a wide range of utilities for society. It’s mostly used as a social connection, however; businesses also use Social Media to filter potential employee candidates. #Schools use Social Media to weed out undesirable #students. There are also many personal connections made through Social Media that has become quite normal. No matter what the reason for using Social Media, as a means of communication and profiling, it is important for people to know a little more about the person on the other side of the #computer. There are many ways of accomplishing this online, that anyone can perform. You can find out if someone has a criminal record, shady #background, DUIs, marriage and divorce records, incarcerations, liens and bankruptcies and much more. To find out more about performing a Social Media people search, read the article below.

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Protect Yourself From Identity Fraud

Identity #fraud has become a widespread problem and one that can take on many different shapes. Over 40 million Americans have had their #identity #stolen. It might be your credit card being stolen or someone trying to scam you out of some money by saying they’re somebody that they are not. Verifying an person’s identity is an important way to protect you and your family. Thanks to the Freedom of #Information Act (FOIA), anyone can easily access billions of public records that can help to keep you and your #family safe from identity fraud.

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How To Perform a People Search

There are various reasons why you might want to perform a #PeopleSearch or lookup information on a particular person. You may have a suspicious neighbor, want to lookup #coworkers, find out information on people your #family #associates with or you simply want to reconnect with old friends or relatives. No matter the reason, because of the #Freedom of Information Act ( #FOIA ), you can access countless public records that can assist you in performing a #people search. Click on the link below to read more about how to access this information online.

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Don’t Be a Victim of Ransomware

Computers, smartphones and tablets are all used to access the internet which makes them vulnerable to being hacked, attacked and held for ransom. #Ransomware is one of the most pervasive forms of #InternetTheft that can wreck a person’s livelihood. Once ransomware infects your device, it holds your device #hostage until a ransom is paid to release it. More than simply an inconvenience, the inability to access important files and data can cause the operations of a business or organization to come to a halt until the ransom is paid. Don’t become a victim, exercise caution when #OpeningAttachments or visiting unfamiliar websites.

Want to know more about Ransomware? Read our article below

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What Is A Criminal Record?

A criminal record is a documented history of #violations that a person has committed that becomes part of their public record that anyone can lookup ( some exceptions apply )

Criminal records are classified in three main categories: #infractions, #misdemeanors and #felonies.

What many people don't realize is that even simple traffic #citations are considered infractions which are criminal records.

National statistics state that around 1 in 3 adult Americans have or have had a #criminalrecord of some type.

Most all criminal records are public record that anyone can lookup via the FOIA
Criminal records can limit a person's opportunities and tarnish their reputation
It's best practice to verify your public record regularly to see if you have any criminal records or if there are any inaccuracies

Learn more @

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Whose Number Is This?

Want to know who is calling or have some strange phone numbers you’d like to lookup? Maybe your child or #spouse or loved one is getting #PhoneCalls from an unknown caller. There are a multitude of reasons that you might want to know Whose #PhoneNumber Is This. Try our Free #ReversePhone Number Lookup and find out who is calling.

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How To Remove A Criminal Record

Criminal records can stand in the way of a lot of opportunities, from getting a #job to traveling abroad. If you have a criminal record you might be able to get it sealed or expunged, depending on the nature of the #crime. Find out what resources you need to obtain this goal and get your #PublicRecord cleaned up. Follow the link below for more detailed information about Removing a #CriminalRecord.

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Driving Without Insurance

#Driving without insurance can cost you thousands in fines and the impound of your vehicle. The worst part is if you actually get into an accident. If you injure someone else you will not only have to live with it but you might find yourself in jail. It’s serious business if you #DriveWithoutIinsurance, it’s the #law. Every state requires to you have insurance if you own or lease a car. They typically coordinate with the major insurance companies and if you’re not on their list then you might get a fine from the DMV and find that they will suspend your registration if they don’t see proof of insurance. In some states you can get basic liability #AutoInsurance for as little as $20 per month. It’s definitely not worth driving without insurance, it’ll #cost you more in the long run.

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Happy 4th of July!!

Enjoy the day and celebrate America's great history and our independence. The 4th of July is as American as it gets when it comes to holidays. It’s a day to gather with friends and family, have #BBQs, pool parties, enjoy tasty libations and lots of #fireworks. You might be surprised how much Americans spend on this national holiday.

• 700lbs of Chicken
• 150 Million Hot Dogs
• $111 Million on Charcoal
• $568 Million on Wine
• $68 Million on Beer
• $203 Million on Condiments
• $15 Million on Potato Chips
• $25 Million on Fireworks #4thofjuly #independenceday #america #merica
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