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Sometimes you loose, sometimes the others win...
Sometimes you loose, sometimes the others win...

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Did you - like me - love require.js and are a sad about its currently non existing future in regards to webpack/browserify and the likes?

I combined almost all features of require.js with localStorage caching inspired by basket, a promise-like interface and added some more extras into Qoopido.demand (< 5kB minified and gzipped) - and with the rise of HTTP/2 it makes sense!

#js #javascript #mobile #perfmatters #webdev

Disa on my phone has been unable to send SMS for the last 2 weeks. Receiving SMS works fine, Disa has all required permissions and it used to work just fine before. Default SMS client on my phone works.

It might be related to updating to Miui 7 on my Xiaomi Mi Note - but I am not sure...

Anybody here willing to give some feedback on a #js  module loader I am currently working on?

Short description:
Browser only, promise like and extremely lightweight module loader using XHR/XDR requests and localStorage caching to dynamically load JavaScript, CSS and Bundles (single script containing multiple concatenated modules) with automatic dependency resolution and support for custom handlers. Qoopido.demand, in addition, supports loading of simple require.js compatible modules as well as non modular scripts. Works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11 and Edge.

Repo URL:


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Amazing to see the growth of children programming education in Germany, led by Ministry and its Hacker School (, and in Finland, led by Reaktor, Futurice and Vincit ( It would be great to see them exchanging experiences.  
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Guess it is ready to be posted here:

Qoopido.demand, a promise like, localStorage caching and totally async #JavaScript module loader, is released! Version 1.0.2 is already on GitHub ( and should also be ready on jsdelivr within the next hours.

Features in detail:
- promise like interface (no native promise support required)
- any loaded module will be cached in localStorage for blazingly fast performance
- cache will be validated against global semver versioning, a modules URL and an expiration timeout
- manual cache invalidation (if needed)
- only state information will be stored in localStorage as JSON, value is stored as a String (so a probably huge JS will not have to be stringified/parsed every time)
- dependencies of loaded modules are resolved relative to their parent module if their path is relative
- support for loading JavaScript and CSS included
- further custom types can be added easily
- support for loading non compatible scripts via configurable "probe" functions, similar to require.js shims
- basic support for loading require.js modules via a loadable adapter module
- support for "patterns" which are somewhat equivalent to require.js "paths"
- success callback gets passed all resolved modules, error callback all rejected
- approx. 4kb (minified & gzipped)

Developed and tested on the latest version of Chrome, Safari and Firefox on OSX Yosemite as well as IE9, 10, 11 and Edge using the official VirtualBox VMs from Microsoft.

Due to the modules being loaded via XHR/XDR a remote server will have to have CORS headers enabled. Most of the usual CDNs have CORS enabled by default.

Hope you will like it as much as I do!

#js   #webdev   #webdevelopment   #webdeveloper
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Register for your One Plus Two invite today:
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We sold 34.7 million smartphones in 1H 2015 alone - that’s a 33% year-on-year increase! Mi fans, we’re ever grateful for your support. +1/Share if you're a proud Mi phone owner!
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Mi Note Pro might after all have an updated revision (2.1) of the Snapdragon 810 (Xiaomi seems to have been involved in the development/optimization) with less or no heating problems at all according to the following (german) source:

That would be really great news in regards to my concerns about the Mi Note Pro finally!

Beside that I would still suggest to wait for some reviews!

#xiaomi  #minotepro

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Here we go...
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun​ just launched Mi Note Pro at a highly interactive and fun media event this morning in Beijing. All specs now revealed!

- 3D curved glass on the back, 2.5D curved glass on front
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit 8-core CPU, Adreno 430 GPU
- AnTuTu score 63,424
- 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC 5.0 flash 
- 5.7” 2K (2560x1440) Sharp/JDI display, 515 PPI  
- Sunlight Display technology for unparalleled outdoor visibility
- 13MP camera with optical image stabilization (OIS)
- Sony IMX214 CMOS, 6-element f/2.0 lens, Qualcomm 14-bit image processor
- New camera features: flash “suggest”, auto-leveling, DSLR style peak focus indicator, color temperature adjustment 
- 4MP front camera with large 2-micron pixels, exceptional low-light performance
- High-capacity 3090mAh battery
- Quick Charge 2.0, 9V 1.2A with two charging modules, 70% charging in 1 hour
- Supports LTE CAT 9 networks, up to 450Mbps download speed
- Hardware-optimized HiFi audio for FLAC playback
Mi Note Pro
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