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Taken for an interview last week in Brussels. Thanks Erwan!
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Added photos to re:publica 2014.
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My work podcast site is hosted at podbean and at the weekend passed 100K hits. It looks like 1:10 hits convert to listens. Is that good?

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Our first Eurostars podcast way back in July 2011 was the first podcast we made that contained a dream sequence. Looking back it was probably the first time we took a more creative approach to our business podcasts, leading to the time travel episode and our more frantic and frankly strange Xmas and Halloween specials. 

We were thinking it was high time we did a new version and this Eurostars podcast is the first to be made on a mode of transport - a train!  
No, not the Eurostars train, that goes under the sea to France, that would be too confusing (and expensive).
Many Scottish companies have participated in Eurostars and we have a steady flow of enquiries. 
Eurostars has a bottom-up approach (the lead SME comes up with the project idea), a central submission and evaluation process, synchronized national funding in 33 countries (so you manage the funding in your local currency) and minimal reporting commitments compared to larger funding programmes like FP7. 

Eurostars projects must involve at least two participants (legal entities) from two different Eurostars participating countries. The main participant must be a research-performing SME from one of these countries.

A Eurostars project should be market-driven: it must have a maximum duration of three years, and within two years of project completion, the product of the research should be ready for launch onto the market. The exception to this rule applies to biomedical or medical projects, where clinical trials must be started within two years of project completion.

There are two project submission deadlines per year and the submission documents are not onerous, so get your project ideas lined up, contact or find collaborative partners using the Enterprise Europe Network (other networks are available) and apply!

Interested? Drop me a line on

Hello podcasters. I need advice.
I was lucky enough to be at a conference in Berlin last month and had a day of sightseeing around the city. I decided to record my whole day from breakfast onward using my H2N and I made around 50 recordings, with some great sounds. I've just placed all the files on different tracks in an Audacity project and I'm really pleased with all the sounds. Now I'm stuck.
 I can use the same base file (around 45 minutes) to make a multiple episode podcast or trim and mix down to one podcast. I'd prefer keeping it all in one episode as that keeps the whole one day thing together.

I'm a podcasting amateur with about 70 or 80 episodes under my belt. My normal podcasting style is interview based and I've never done anything in the style of a "sound picture" , so I'm not sure how to structure it to maintain pace and hold interest.

Can anyone offer advice or point me to any good examples of this style so I can be inspired?


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The Enterprise Europe Network provides FREE information to help businesses solve problems. LISTEN

I'm an improv newbie, I go to an improv workshop every week in Glasgow and last month was my first performance in front of an audience in the Glasgow Comedy festival. Lots to learn. What books would you recommend I read?

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Horizon 2020 is the new European funding programme aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. Big focus on SMEs

We are part of "team Scotland" (comprising the Scottish Government, Scotland Europa, Scottish Funding Council, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise) and our collective goal is to help you take advantage of the significant opportunities presented by Horizon 2020. 

We are delivering general information events across Scotland and in this podcast,  Ken and Richard Buxbaum from Scotland Europa try their presentation pitch out on a skeptical Liz. Will Eric the dog get his walk? LISTEN 

Looking for some ideas and advice. Our podcast (up to episode 62 now) has featured myself plus first one colleague and then another colleague. The trio has been good - different accents and a  friendly vibe plus a creative set of ideas and energy. For reasons I won't go into, the trio has changed, is not always available and the relationship between us has gone. While i believe strongly that change is good and trust things will settle themselves, I was wondering if any of you who podcast with someone else have ever had to reorganized / restructure if that person leaves? Asking for a friend.
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