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Tripadvisor review of Arizona Tour & Travel: “Grand Canyon”
Reviewed December 5, 2012 - We had J.R. as a tour guide on 12/2/12 and he was excellent. We would never have had the same experience going on our own. We would recommend this company to anyone!
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Tripadvisor review of Arizona Tour & Travel: “JR is the best guide ever! :)”
Reviewed November 16, 2012 - We had a one day trip to Monument Valley 6th Oct, and we really enjoyed it! It is a quite long way from Flagstaff where we stayed for a few days, but we didn't realized it not at all. We have been picked up at the motel in the morning with 5 other persons, and started the day. JR was telling us much interesting things about Arizona, geology, movies, indian people and so on. We had enough time everywhere to look around, so we were really satisfied. There were french, australian and british people too, and JR always had a nice word to everybody.

The next day after the tour we went to Tucson, and he advised us to go to Sedona, so we did that way, and we didn't regret it at all, because that region is really beautiful too. So thank you for the pleasant day for Open Road Tours and JR!
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