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Ralf Muschall
Physicist, computer technician | Gnu Atheist | Nerd | I ♥ 🐙🐍🐛🐧🎼🚲🍵
Physicist, computer technician | Gnu Atheist | Nerd | I ♥ 🐙🐍🐛🐧🎼🚲🍵

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Well, when you put it that way, it sounds completely immoral. 

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Gene Drives Will Change the World

If you think genetic editing and synthetic biology are decades away from impacting society...think again. The price-point for setting up a small CRISPR genetic editing lab at home is less than a thousand bucks, and non-experts can tinker with creating custom single-cell organisms in their kitchen. That means lots of individuals are beginning to explore DIY biotech.

That's not a bad thing. It's important that average citizens begin to educate themselves on what's possible given current and near-future biotech because these technologies will have a direct impact on society and our ecosystem -- in most cases for the better, but like any revolutionary technology, there will be risks as well.

Exhibit A is the gene drive -- an approach to ensuring that certain genes are transferred to future generations of an organism with near 100% certainty. In a world where genes can be cheaply and easily edited, this opens up manifold possibilities (e.g. eliminating malaria by making the mosquitoes capable of transmitting it unable to reproduce). However, the complexity of genetics means that tiny edits can also bring huge unanticipated consequences. And while gene drives are relatively easy to create, their effects might be difficult to take back.

In December of last year some University of Minnesota students almost created a gene drive of their own for a competition (see below). This might cause some people to demand cancellation of all future synthetic biology competitions. I think it argues for the exact opposite. Without open competitions such as iGEM, the limits of what's possible won't be explored in the open -- instead, the genetic revolution will occur behind closed doors.

I believe transparency is the best approach here. Otherwise, we'll never know what's possible -- and knowing what's possible, society will be better able to benefit from the coming genetic revolution, while also being able to realistically assess its dangers.

For example, in the weeks following the student's near-gene-drive, iGEM’s safety board established new policies concerning gene drives, and those guidelines could become a global model. That's a much better outcome than if this had happened in secret.

#GeneDrives #CRISPR #BioTech

Posted MON Mar 6, 2017 (4:15 pm)

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I just found this question on reddit, maybe sombody has an idea.

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Google+ Update: Das klassische G+ wird abgeschaltet, das neue zum Standard. Google+ Events (Veranstaltungen) und Zoom-Funktion für Bilder am Desktop kommen zurück. Verbesserte Anzeige von Kommentaren aktiviert. & Nützliche Links zu Google+

Am 17.11.2015, also vor mittlerweile einem Jahr ist die neue Google+ Version mit der Fokussierung auf Sammlungen und Communities gestartet.
Seit diesem Google+ Neustart, hat sich einiges verändert. Die neue Version wurde von Grund auf neu gestaltet und deutlich entschlackt. Dem Netzwerk wurden zahlreiche Updates spendiert, Fehler korrigiert und das Netzwerk im Allgemeinen stabiler und flüssiger gemacht.

Bislang bestand noch die Möglichkeit auf das klassische Google+ zuzugreifen. Google hat nun verkündet, die klassische G+ Version am 24. Januar 2017 abzuschalten und dass die neue Version für alle zum Standard wird.

Google+ Events kommen zurück.
Wegen der G+ Neuausrichtung haben es einige Funktionen wie Hangouts, Events und andere nicht mehr in die neue Version geschafft.
Google bringt nun die Google+ Events zurück und wird sie demnächst aktivieren.

Zoom-Funktion für Bilder am Desktop. (Siehe Grafik)
Eine nützliche Funktion war auch eine Zoom-Funktion am Desktop, besonders beim Betrachten von Fotos mit vielen Details sehr nützlich.

Verbesserte Anzeige von Kommentaren. Bereits aktiviert!!
Ein weiteres Update betrifft die Kommentare. Kommentare mit "niedrigerer" Qualität werden nun automatisch ausgeblendet, möchte man alle Kommentare zu einem Beitrag sehen, kann man diese mit "Alle Kommentare einblenden" sichtbar machen.

Nützliche Links zu Google+

Die Google+-Hilfe und die Google+-Info-Seite zur neuen Google+ Version.
Diese beiden Links zu Google+ sollte jeder kennen, egal ob Anfänger oder nicht.
Zum einen gibt es die Google+ Hilfe ▶, dort zu finden sind zahlreiche Erklärungen und Informationen zum neuen Google+ und zum anderen gibt es die offizielle Info-Seite zur neuen Google+ Version ▶

Das Google+ Aktivitätsprotokoll. All meine Google+ Aktivitäten einsehen und verwalten.

Wieviele +1 hast du bei Google+ bereits vergeben? Erfahre es jetzt! Google zählt deine vergebenen +1 mit und zählt diese zusammen, hier wird erklärt wie du diese herausfinden kannst. ▶

Die Google+ Powerliste. Alle Tools die man kennen sollte. ▶

So wirst du benachrichtigt, wenn in einem oder mehreren deiner erstellten Google+ Kreise ein neuer Beitrag geteilt wird.

Die Kreise im neuen G+ aktivierst du so:
Um neue Kreise anzulegen wähle den Menüpunkt "Personen" aus.

Offizieller Blogeintrag von Google:

Erstellt von Patrick

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Wieder mal Wanze, wahrscheinlich die gleiche Art wie

7 Photos - View album

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Es weihnachtet wieder
Mal was besinnliches zur Weihnachtszeit (hatte ich vor 3 Jahren schon mal hier gepostet)

15 reasons why Cthulhu is better than Jesus

1. Holy books: Christians have holy scriptures about their non-existing god.  We even have non-existing holy scriptures.

2. Sex: No nonsense about virginity, no taboos.  Fornicate as much as you want.  Of course, you must use your third right tentacle for that, anything else is an abomination.

3. Food: No taboos, no fasting, no trouble finding out what is kosher/haram/halal/trefe.  Essentially everything is allowed (Calamari is verboten, though).

4. Free speech: You won't get stoned for pronouncing god's name (but your friends will say "Gesundheit" and offer you a handkerchief if you do).

5. Freedom and Privacy: No divine surveillance, no celestial North Korea, no confession.  You can do what you want - our god sleeps anyway.

6. Eucharist: You eat pieces of your god and drink his blood (if you are catholic) - our god eats you.

7. Maths: Christians burn mathematicians and their books since 1600 years.  Cthulhu wants you to learn non-Euklidean geometry, which is fun.  Enroll for a course at Miskatonic University now.

8. Technology: Cthulhu's creatures (Ommastrephidae) had rocket science when the other one's beasts still lived in caves or even on trees.

9. God's voice: Nobody ever heard the voice of the biblical god.  Cthulhu spoke and was recorded by hydrophones (bloop.mp3).

10. Justice: If you were sent to hell unjustly, you've lost.  If you were eaten unjustly by Cthulhu, you can appeal to Nodens.

11. Priests: The pope sucks.  PZMyers rules.

12. Music: Christian songs have nice chords but the lyrics are creepy.  Azathoth can play creepy chords on his flutes.

13. Kittehs: Holy creatures in and around Ulthar.  In Christianity they are considered camouflaged witches or the devil's messengers.  I have to admit that Mohammed fixed this.

14. Tentacles: Even the lowliest, dumbest things on the seafloor (corals) have them, and so do the nasty evil Box jellies.  And you worship a "god" that lacks them?  (Hinduism is slightly better - Ganesh has at least one tentacle, and Kali tries to compensate by having many arms).  This problem has become worse over history:
Quran V1.0: "Have you thought about tentacles, suckers, and hectocotyli?  They are the divine attributes, and their presence is mandatory".
Then the rulers of Mekka looked into a mirror and saw that their faces lacked something, filed a bug report and asked the prophet for a patch (that totally reversed the message).  The result became:
Quran V1.1 (i.e. the shipped version): "Shall we have beards and he only tentacles?  That would be insane!".

15: Copyright: The theological works of the first prophet HPL are available for free download.  Bible versions which fix at least the gravest translation errors (e.g. RSV) are copyrighted, you need wget and scripting to get them.
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