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Marcus Tettmar
CEO MJT Net Ltd - Developers of Macro Recorder and Windows Automation Tools
CEO MJT Net Ltd - Developers of Macro Recorder and Windows Automation Tools


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A Great Gift for those Who have an Ipad :)


Google+ pet hate #487: Everything seems to open in a new tab. I click on my page: new tab. Click on my own profile: another new tab. Enough with the new tabs Google. This one will do!

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Anyone know what was with the annoyingly loud low flying helicopter over Fontmell at 2am? And whose bloody dog was barking at 5am? #nosleep

The first thing you do after installing Facebook messenger: Disable chat heads. What a horrible invention.

Can't be the first but I have just discovered a whatsapp security issue. I recently inherited my wife's old phone. I did a full factory reset, inserted my sd and sim cards. I installed whatsapp and entered my phone number. It then told me it had found messages on the server and asked if I'd like to restore them. Assuming it meant MY old messages from my old phone I said yes. What I received confused me for a moment until I realised they were my wife's messages! Remember, the phone was wiped and I have an SD card that was never in my wife's phone and I'm using my sim and number. It suggests whatsapp are using the hardware ID of the phone. Luckily it was my wife's old phone but if I'd bought the phone second hand from someone else who also used whatsapp I'd be seeing their messages. Do you use whatsapp? If so you may not want to sell your phone or ever send it back.

Too many pheasants around here and now I hear another landowner is going to join in. Too many around here already. It's all fake and purely to make money out of city folk. How do we stop it?

Nearly 10am. Should probably get dressed. Well it is Sunday.

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need to go running tomorrow. missed the last two weeks and I've just eaten too much...
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