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So many science fiction story ideas...
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Viewing Jupiter from that angle would be really pretty for the .5 seconds before you got fried by the radiation from its magnetotail. :)
My immediate thought is that we'd be the ones orbiting Jupiter!
where 'orbiting' = 'plunging into', unless we're moving fast
Did the quick and dirty, back of the envelope calculation. "Very fast" would be something on the order of 228,000 miles per hour, on average.
google tells me that's about 3.4 times as fast as we go around the sun. Vroom vroom!
I'm happy we only have a tiny little moon. No fast plunging doom or magnetotails for me, thanks. 
So I went back this morning and did the slightly-less-quick and dirty calculation. It was WAY dirtier than I thought. Originally, I'd ignored the diminished force of gravity at that distance. (You can actually get away with that for objects in low earth orbit without too much impact.) But at a lunar orbital radius, the acceleration of gravity for Jupiter drops from an impressive 26 m/s^2 to a much less impressive 0.85 m/s^2, and the speed is a less impressive 40,000 mph. Still, even at that speed, the earth would orbit it every 37 hours. Can you imagine having THAT view blot out the sky every day and a half?
This is so awesome. One of the most effective was to visualize planetary scale I've ever seen.
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