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Girl in Therapy
Recovering Codependent - anonymous mental health blogger - mindful reflections & thoughtful quotes
Recovering Codependent - anonymous mental health blogger - mindful reflections & thoughtful quotes

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What is troubling you today?
Soon, it will be water under the bridge...

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<New on the blog> My 3 easy ways to save the Earth – #EarthDay
How are you observing Earth Day today, and being #mindful of the environment in the everyday?

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Happy #EarthDay everyone.
If you Google or Pinterest-search ways to observe Earth Day (April 22), you’ll find lots of ideas suitable for kids and adults. Ironically, many of these ideas are actually counter-productive because they entail consuming resources: Use your oven to bake…

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Do you not drink when you're thirsty, eat when you're hungry or rest when you're tired? Are you ignoring your body's needs?

#selflove #selfcare #loveyourbody

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I learnt that the quote "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" applies to #family too... Do you find that you're always trying to be the perfect child or sibling, no matter how old you are?

#authenticself #selflove #sorrynotsorry

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Celebrate recovery: Codependency

It really touches my heart that my recovery buddy and friend, J wanted to share with me—via a blog post no less—how he feels toward my #recovery over this period of time. I really hope you'll visit my blog to see what he has to say :)

#mentalhealth #Codependency #mhblog #mhblogger

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A shout out to a friend who runs Virtual EMDR. A very important topic -- "spiritual abuse". A lot of people go through #abuse without realising it, and sometimes live in denial of it. And we "pay the price" in adulthood.

PS. My blog is mentioned in the final notes 😁

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A follow up on the roach issue. Another example on how #theUniverse provides 💖💖💖
Is there anything you're #grateful for today?

#gratitude #HigherPower #theUniverseprovides #theUniversehasmyback

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Do you feel #hopeless, like it's the END OF THE WORLD and you are doomed, because of something that you did, or something that you're waiting for has not happened yet...?

I've been there, and this is a #reminder to myself...

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This happened to me last week. Has anyone else "lost control" of themselves and behaved involuntarily like I did? I don't know if what happened was a #panic attack :(

(Warning: post mentions roaches)
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