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The Story We Live By
It's funny how reading can convict you to write. I'm taking The Canadian Short Story  in summer school right now--a fun elective for the summer. And it is totally convicting me to write. We live stories that either give our lives meaning or negate it with m...

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There Is No Neutral
I don't know about you, but I am starting this week feeling incredibly heavy. burdened. weary. The weekend started with the Muslim ban. People were detained in airports because of the passport they carry. Families who had been going through a gruelling appl...

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#OneWord2017: Presence
Better late than never? One of my Christmas vacation goals was to renovate the blog and thereafter, get a post up semi-regularly again. It's taken longer than expected, but here it is. I missed this place! Last year was sporadic at best, and I seriously mis...

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Aleppo and Advent
Just over 2000 years ago, an oppressed, forgotten people waited for a Saviour. A Messiah. A King. And they expected chariots and fire and revolution and war. They expected the overthrowing of their oppressors by a mighty king and ruthless warrior. Instead t...

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Lessons on Giving from the Country of Haiti
My reflections on my family's recent trip to Haiti to visit our two Compassion children... The Western World has given a lot to Haiti. Billions of dollars in aid. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of shipments of in-kind donations and material goods. ...

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When Grace Comes Full Circle
There once was a twelve-year-old girl, who grew up in church and strived to follow Jesus with her all. She did all the right things, and checked them off a list... Morning devotionals, bedtime prayers, midweek church and Sunday school. Little did she know a...

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Welcome Home
When the day was over, all I could think about was what a shame it is that anyone could ever say no to this... and miss out on all this beauty . Because all of this - yes, it's about this beautiful family being welcomed home. It's about their tears and reli...

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Dear Sweet Little Girl,*
This all started with a little boy just a little younger than you and your brother . This entire day, it happened because of Aylan 's tiny, lifeless body washed up on the shore of the Mediterranean. And quite honestly, sweet girl? I was discouraged for once...

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2015 Year in Review
This year feels like it flew by, but when I think back to January, it feels like a lifetime ago. It was just that kind of year. This year in review has become one of my absolute favourite things to do as I look back on the many things God accomplished and t...

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Christmas Reflections
My draft box is full of the real good-intention to post something. Promise. The world has been a hurting place this fall. Even a bit more than normal, it seems. There was terror and intolerance and yet still, the First World I call home went about life and ...
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