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Welcome to wherever you are.
The Halifax Regional Municipality rolled out its new branding today: they want to be bold, they want to just be known as "Halifax", and they've got a new logo for the city. The full explanation is at , but here's the important part. This i...

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El Pingüino versus The Malspiel!
A moonlit night on a frozen pond. Torches stuck into the ice offer temporary light. Occasionally, a flame will sputter and hiss as it melts the ground, which make EMILY, HANNAH, and SIMON nervous. Still, they need the light -- otherwise, they wouldn't be ab...

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This is probably how Scientology started.
I've always loved the occult. That's not to say I believe in it -- but there's something fascinating about the rules and connections interwoven into that material. It simultaneously makes the world more straightforward, and more convoluted. If you believe...

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The modern remake: 2 North 4 Northwest.
My friend Joe from On The Stick  (fine podcasts there, check them out) did the impossible, and found a Facebook game which was both fun AND didn't stink up the Facebook pages of all my friends. Incredible. My contribution to the game is a simple one... find...

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Halifax City Hall, lit up for a party!

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With all the press that the Lyubov Orlova is getting nowadays, as a ghost ship full of cannibal rats, I thought I'd put together a quick photo album of the Orlova, as I remembered it when it carried me through Nunavut in 2008.

p.s. "Cannibal rats"? Come on, we all know that's sensationalism. All rats would be cannibals, except that "cannibalism" is a uniquely human term. (I admit, though, that it makes the ship sound super-spooky.)
A tour of the Lyubov Orlova
10 Photos - View album

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My thoughts on what it's like to live in Halifax. If I could choose a nickname for it, it would be "The Sandbox City", a reference to Wil Wright's anecdote about the difference between a game and a toy. A game usually has rules, and a way to win. A toy (like a sandbox) has no "correct" way to be used, and its value depends upon the motivation and creativity of the user. Halifax has that same sort of vibe - it makes you ask yourself, "what can I do?".

Also, it has beaches. Kind of.

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Yesterday, I discovered The Last Game Store in Halifax. Counters full of old video games, video game tchotchkes and doodads, walls lined with hand-painted PS1 and NES cases, and a poster advertising the upcoming Mega Man Marathon fundraiser for charity.

I may not ever need a Buster Sword keychain, but I'll sleep easier at night now that I know where to find one. 

If each decade of police TV had a different Canadian city:

1950s: Montréal. Black and white morals, and easy stereotypes.

1960s: Calgary. However, it would be a Toronto executive's notion of what Calgary was like. A western, in other words.

1970s: Sudbury. Still true to this day.

1980s: Halifax. The Magnum/Rockford era, when character banter was the most important thing.

1990s: Vancouver. X-Files left its mark here.

2000s: Edmonton. Not quite gritty enough for scripted TV, but a good fit for reality shows.

2010s: Toronto. The decade's not over yet, but another city will have to work hard to eclipse the Rob Ford/Bill Blair era.
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