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Anne G. White
Just an ordinary woman who loves a video game designer.
Just an ordinary woman who loves a video game designer.

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A Sewing Beginner's Guide to Making a Superhero Cape for Toddlers
My husband K has begun gleefully introducing our two-year-old son Dexter to all things geek. You cannot imagine how disconcerting it was for me to hear a two-year-old Dexter suddenly chirp up in the car, "Mommy, Enterprise shooting the Reliant" (from Star T...

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The Survival Guide to Ich
(AKA How to Treat Ich or White Spot Disease in Freshwater Fish) Top Takeaways Ich is one of the most common freshwater fish diseases.  Ich comes from new fish and plants. It takes 2 weeks to eradicate it. Some of your fish may die anyway, depending on their...

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The Survival Guide to Betta Fish
(AKA What Do I Need to Know About Betta Fish Care?) Betta fish, also known as betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish, are incredibly popular with both first-time pet owners and and long-time fish lovers. While they're known for their vibrant colors, long ...

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New Season, New Hobbies
I've always been a collector of new hobbies. I think it's because my parents were immigrants and they were fascinated by this American idea of "extra-curricular activities." In their country, getting good grades was everything, so every day they went to sch...

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Pattern: Squid Cat Toy with Refillable Catnip Pocket
I really, really like the Kitty Squid crochet pattern from  Chronicles of a Yarn Obsession . It's such a staple in my pattern collection when I need a quick, cute gift for my cat-owning friends. Check out the changes I made to make a refillable catnip pocke...

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Pattern: Puppy in My Hand
My 3-year-old son woke up one morning and said that he dreamed he had a little white dog in the palm of his hand. Despite the fact I haven't crocheted anything new in months, I was determined to make his dream come true. This is an English translation of Wa...

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The Quest for the Golden Gargwa Egg
Once upon a time, there was an ordinary man named K who loved to play video games. When he heard that the New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld console was coming out soon, he decided to preorder it on a whim. Little did he know what a treasure he had in his hands.....

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How to Host the Perfect, Low-Key Baby Sprinkle
A baby sprinkle is this slightly new, slightly controversial concept of having a smaller party to celebrate second, third, and so on pregnancies (because a "sprinkle" is smaller than a "shower"). Some people think that it's wrong to hold more than one baby ...

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My Adventures with Baby Modeling
Think your baby is cute enough for baby modeling? So does everyone else! Probably the #1 reason why most parents get their kids into modeling is because of pride and the belief that their children are the cutest things on two legs. As for me, I was complete...

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How to Survive at a Video Game Start-Up
Last time I described some of the challenges that K has faced working at a start-up company making mobile video games and how stressful the frequent deadlines can be when working with beta-phase technology. When it comes to maintaining his sanity in this ty...
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