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It' thursday and I'll probably be filming a weekly blog tip shortly. +Roger Lawson you had asked about mistakes I made and that would be a feature length film. +Annie Andre you had asked for my thoughts on guest blogging and I think I can cover that. Today we're getting back into the groove of BlogcastFM Classics with Yaro Starak and Three Meganiches of Online Marketing.
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Hello! I was wondering if you know the stats of podcasts to blogs? I heard you mention it on you podcast but wasn't sure which episode it was. Thanks for responding, it is difficult to get the number.
+Viviana Rullo I don't know exact #'s. But what I know is that written content is the dominant one, podcast less, and video the least. Video done well is still a gold mine waiting to be tapped if you ask me.
Thanks for getting back to me. Exact, accurate numbers are impossible to find.
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