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Please take a few minutes to look at our brand new mobile responsive Tic Toc Nursery School website. We would like to say a big thank you to all our amazing parents whose children appear on the site and to Celia Jones for her fantastic photography!
We will regularly be posting updates to information on our site, so please check back for our latest news:
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We are looking for a caring member of staff to be part of our dynamic & fun team. More information can be found at:
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Our Tic Toc Nursery rabbits & chickens have a new purpose built animal house situated in our great outdoor space. Our children love learning about and caring for them.
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Chickens and rabbits in our new Tic Toc Nursery animal house.
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The children love Forest School, they have been enjoying searching for bugs and learning about different types of trees. Read more:
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Tic Toc Nursery children loving Forest School
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The children really enjoy playing with our new Tic Toc Nursery School boat - a great opportunity for using their imagination, adding to a full range of activities available in our spacious outdoor area! Read more about our nursery in:
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Sports Focus UK provide football classes on a weekly basis at Tic Toc Nursery (situated near Teddington). Read more about our weekly classes:

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We are in the process of renovating the Tic Toc garden and are excited to announce that this will now provide a home for the newest members of our family, the chickens and the rabbits! Read more:
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We've just taken part in a live chick hatching programme! The children had the opportunity to watch chicks being hatched over a 10-day period. This was an exciting, magical and unforgettable experience for the children who loved being part of the process. Read more:
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